The “Pyramid of Power” From Think and Grow Rich

Here are three must do principles for achieving massive success. After you watch the video I would appreciate you leaving your comments below. And be sure and click the link below and check out more on these principles…

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243 thoughts on “The “Pyramid of Power” From Think and Grow Rich”

  1. A picture is worth three powerful words. Thanks for drawing out a simple, yet profound principle. Enjoyed the teaching.

  2. Vic, very good presentation, excellent ideas and easy to adapt to anyones situation. Thanks

  3. Vic,

    Very simple but very powerful principles. Everybody knows it but most of us sit on it and procrastinate.

    Thanks for putting this together.


  4. Hi Vic,

    This is a great video. in a few short minutes you hit the nail on the head of the three simple (not neccesarily easy) steps to guarantee success & you outline the number 1 reason people fail….failing to make a decision & take action.

    You certainly made a difference in my day.



  5. vic profound in its simplicy keep up the good work I am headed back into my copy of tgr program your the best cw allen:

  6. Your understanding of desire, faith and action is applicable also in the physical body: without action – muscles atrophy, bones deteriorate, and cells die.

    The human spirit, housed in physical form, is built for action. It takes intent, will and performance to either manifest survival or to create a limited or painful existence.

    Choice, born of “white hot” desire, inspired by belief/faith and fueled by energetic action is compelling. Your lesson is WELL taken – I’m heading for the gym!

    I think I just convinced myself to buy your book!

  7. Vic,

    I very good simple analogy of Mr. Hills Success Principles.
    If I may add as a person begins to take the three distinct steps
    of the success triangle. As the begin to make their way around the
    Success triangle. Momentum begins to take over and begins to round
    out the the triangle until it is molded into a continous success circle,
    of white hot desire, faith, and action.

    Keep the message growing!


  8. Thanks, Vic. “White hot desire!” That’ s what I need. I’d never thought about it.

  9. Very interesting talk. Enjoyed getting into the depth of the concept. Excellent presentation – highly motivating.

  10. I`m so glad to have taken the time to listen to this and I`m even more gratefull that you have taken the time to give us this video to listen to!
    I was blue and down on myself about not achieving the levels of success that I`m longing for… it`s been a long road to ride so far and I keep running into failure after failure with very little success!

    I have the desire and belief that action will get me there but sometimes I get the blues on the way… This reminded me how important it is to not quit and to keep believing that I`m on my way to where I decided I wanted to be.

    Thank you for sharing this ; )

  11. Great presentation vic,

    We educate and mentor the associates in my business on the very same principles. Your demonstration was right on.

    I also coach my team on BE-DE-HAVE. Again, based on the principles you outlined in this video.

    BE the person that you wish be become FIRST. That takes desire and faith, right? Then DO what that person would do. That is action. Only then will you HAVE what you dream of.

    Inspiring stuff Vic, thanks.

    David Costa

  12. Vic,

    Seeing your video on the Pyramid of Power was a great way to start my morning. I wholeheartedly believe in Mr. Hills concepts of Desire, Faith & Action (Decision). Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this subject.

  13. Well Vic.

    Thats a nice piece of work you have there, the TGR triangle.
    Very simple, but as always the simple is the most effective.
    Thanks for sharing that with me/us

    Wamest Regards

    Gary Ranford
    Personal Trainer/Coach

  14. Vic, so long long ago I first discovered Think and Grow Rich, and like you, I keep on rediscovering new things contained in that book. You nailed some of that great wisdom with your pyramid concept. Keep on sharing, Vic, I appreciate it.

  15. Vic
    This is a great way to pass on info. to us in the field.
    I think you should do this type of teaching more often.

  16. The foundation of my growth and success was the book Think and Grow Rich.
    Your presentation made me re-think on the loose ends. Thanks for it and I am sure many will benefit your talk.

  17. I am a Business Entreprenuer, Project Manager Consultant, a Motivational Engine many, a Real Estate Investor, and an Inventor of high consumption tools that do not exist today. For years I have been following your site and daily motivational tips, they have inspired me and your tips continue to help me grow. This Video Presentation was awesome. Thank You.

  18. Thanks Vic, Superb explanation, information and 100% accurate. I needed to hear that today!

  19. Hi Vic

    Great video with great information that really hits home.

    Thank you! God bless.

  20. Thank you so much. I am a business and life coach and am constantly looking for new and better ways to explain things and get the point across. This has been so helpful. I love pictures and anaologys. I think more people learn this way. I learned as much from all of those who left comments about your presentation. This has been an awesome 20 minutes.
    I have used your “As A Man Thinketh” daily devotional for several years and it has made such a difference in my life. Thank you,
    Sharon Meisel

  21. The POWER of simplicity. That’s what your VIDEO on the triangle is.

    It reminds me of the BEATLES. Their music was simple and powerful. It changed the world.

    By the same token, these 3 simple principles to building wealth, if put into ACTION, can change your world. It changed mine.

    Financially, Spiritually, Emotionally!

    I highly recommend the “TGR Seminar Audio Series Program!”

    Robert Jakobsen
    Wealth Institute

  22. Vic,

    Very good presentation – reminds me of the basic principles Napoleon Hill described in his masterpiece. Fortunately, we all encounter obstacles on our own personal roads to success but unfortunately we allow those obstacles to divert our attention to our goals and objectives. Obstacles are fortunate because it helps refine our mission – thereby solidifying our purpose and the reasoning to “Press On”. These are challenges that hone our skills. Just because we encounter a temporary failure along the road doesn’t mean our purpose is a failure. We should just treat it as a bump in the road toward our Quest. Thank you.

  23. For me, any inspirational message is always way cheap compared to what it does in transforming tones and tones of lives.

    I feel already rich because my desire to succeed in life skyrocketed.
    The desire is burning within and my happiness recently has tripled…..good thing is, its coming from within out…..

    All I have to say is…..thanks bunches – vic and Lisa.
    Thou be blessed

  24. Hi Vic
    Thanks for the video. As always you put it across so simply because that is what it is simple but so profound.

    As you know Bob Proctor reads a little everyday from the book and studies it, he has done this for years to get greater meaning from it. I would encourage everyone to study it not just read it on a regular basis too. It is a bit like fueling your car, you need to re-fuel if you want to go further that 1 tank will take you. The more times you fill up the further you will go.
    keep up the good work and keep thinking.

  25. Hi Vic,

    Your message is simple yet powerful as always. What I like about is that you don’t pretend to know anything and everything. I can relate to you easily.

  26. Thank you very much, Vic !

    It looks so simple, yet, it is so powerful. Your presentation is excellent. I’m planning to get the seminar.

  27. Its like the ring of the bell. The action takes place, after intense desire and faith is applied, however the ring goes away after time. If you don’t apply the action of striking the bell for the once desired ring, it disappears.

    Very well said Vic.

    Paul Pyfrom

  28. Hello Vic! excellent video here! I have read Thing and Grow Rich a few times and will start reading it again this summer! But I love your diagram of the Power Pyramid as it lays out clearly and very simple. So something to constantly keep in front of me!

    Thank you!

    Christian Lombardo

  29. Hi Vic ,
    This is a lovely piece of information. It simplifies these principles. Please send more of these illustrations on your website, they are very useful.

  30. Vic,

    I like the way you boil these concepts and their inter-relationships into a simple to understand modality and a visual. It has clarified for a number of your viewers that action can generate more desire and belief as well as vice versa. What can be very powerful is combining the saying of affirmations with physical movement. Using physical action (as in your morning exercises) while you are saying your affirmations (building your self-belief system and energizing your desires) creates body/mind integration which is very powerful. It also helps everyone no matter what their learning modality or personality type. It’s really worked for me.

    Vic, congratulations on providing a lot of easy-to-use value.

    Jeri Quinn
    Driving Improved Results/Dance of Business

  31. after vic says 25000 failures the video stops, i check it several times and it was already downloaded completely. please help.

  32. Vic and Lisa…because of your teachings and support I have been able to realize one of my dreams.

    I wrote my first book” A Better Life After Divorce”.

    I had a desire and you helped me to set goals, build my faith and belief system and then I took action.

    There were days when I would say to myself…I don’t know what I’m doing…but…I’m going to do it anyway 🙂

    Thank you for your wisdom, encouragement and belief in me!

    Now I am able to help millions of people, world wide to grow through their divorce recovery and build them up in their personal growth so that they can live
    “A Better Life After Divorce”

    Thank YOU VIc and Lisa!

    Kelly Morrisey

  33. Your powerful insights mirror my own core beliefs. I too wish to share with the world, the short route to a long happy life. Keep up the good work Vic.

  34. Fantastic video presentation what yiu covered ie what separates succesful and those who are not

  35. You’ve done an excellent job of distilling these profound points into a very meaningful message. Thanks so much for your thought-provoking and inspiring presentation, Vic!

  36. Vic, as always coming at the right moment, this is a very good way to open up eyes, and avoid self sabotage, thank you for this opportunity,

    greetings from Mexico!

  37. Desire + Faith + Action = Possibility

    Stepping outside our 3ft x 3ft comfort zone releases our possibilities – Why are people holding back? In this economy people should be “Faithful” about every “Desire” they have. Expressing “Action” every chance they get.

    I recommend that everyone watch this video daily to get into the flow of those three steps – Desire + Faith + Action.

    Great Video Vic.


    Steven Barrymore
    BlockQuote Products

  38. thank you Vic for the great advice. i guess being stuck in failures is perceived as bad,but i like trying to succeed if only the people around me would allow me my little defeats and failures.

  39. I have read “Think and Grow Rich” and it is a wonderful book. However, my favorite is “The Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace D Wattles.

    We must think and act in a CERTAIN WAY.

    Wallace D. Wattles explains to everyone The Science of Getting Rich. They must have Purpose or Personal Action, Desire and Faith. And it must be applied in a CERTAIN WAY.

  40. very well said you have covered all aspects of scucess in just three little wors.
    If i can apply this i am very sure to scuceed.
    Thank you somuch for the viedo.
    May godbless you to continue this good work.

  41. The pyramid works very well as small actions inspire the next, but once we fail in a business sense, and have no ‘faith holding support’ group, it becomes hard to hold a vision. Thus dealing with self esteem and failure as feedback is so important. It needs a banner, such as ‘0nly on the peak of a mountain of crushing failures can a new powerful vision be grasped.’ I’ll reword it for smoothness.
    Currently I’ve just leapt from an over seas college teaching job with little future into care of my mother. I trust during this off track-time my next stage will re-fire my burning desires, and ignite my remaining 40 years.
    Thank you for reminding me of the action key especially as the momentum seems all downhill or smooth once we leap in from the bouyancy of dreams into the reality of manifestation/creation. I’ll make a wall poster for this now.

  42. This is a powerful analogy and design. The structure of the triangle can be approach from each angle to help you become sucessful. For example, if I have faith, I will take Action and generate the Desire to take more Action and increase my Faith, etc. Thanks

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