10 thoughts on “Whose Life Will You Change?”

  1. This is a great motivational piece! It really helps to keep me pushing forward on what really matters. Thank You Vic and Thank your friend for me too. The Gold Die Group, LLC. I would love to be involved with what you do and you with what we do. Let’s change lives together Vic!!

  2. I liked the video, except the part where it shows the brain with a caption about a spark allowing me to be me. I differ in opinion on that point – I am a spirit, not a mind or brain and the mind/brain is my tool, not me in any way.

    May seem like a small difference but to me it is fundamental.

    Other than that, I appreciate to message in the video.

  3. Thanks, just what I needed. I know that I am that spark for my child, and I am working diligently and consistently to be a great one for him.

  4. Vic – just what I need seems to always come along at just the right time! I think we usually have to be the “spark” to ourselves so that we have a spark to give others – there are just too few sparklers to go around….so I will be giving it my best shot to not only spark myself but also all those who matter most in my life. Thanks for the lesson – at just the right time. I am sending it on!

  5. Vic, Thanks for sharing this and for reminding us that we can be somebody else’s spark esp those close to us.

  6. Great piece. However, like Sarah, I differ a little bit. I believe that we are a Spirit, we have a soul where we are able to make choices, use our emotions, etc. and we live in a body. I believe that thing that connects us to the Universe is really the Holy Spirit that lives within us. The bible is a teacher of the Law of Attraction. Jesus taught these principles also. I am hooked on this type education and I love it. Jesus said, “Whatsoever ‘things’ you desire when you pray BELIEVE that you receive them, and not doubt, and you SHALL have ‘them’. There are many, many scriptures similar to this.

    I have recently read that the brain is not the center of all memories but that they are stored in every cell of our body. WOW. What a God we serve! The brain sends commands sort of like our hard drive. So much to still learn about who we are and what we can do.

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