The “Pyramid of Power” From Think and Grow Rich

Here are three must do principles for achieving massive success. After you watch the video I would appreciate you leaving your comments below. And be sure and click the link below and check out more on these principles…

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243 thoughts on “The “Pyramid of Power” From Think and Grow Rich”

  1. Vic,

    Well done! But as I was looking at your graphic I thought maybe it was missing one critical element in the middle (R) for Results! And if you placed the diagram in a 3D perspective, R would be at the very top and the A,D,F would be the foundation for R as outlined in this little diagram I created:

    Great Pyramids were no doubt, built on the very same foundation! Good Stuff!

  2. This is great. Analyzing and putting the life long work of Napolean Hill into a visual Pyramid. The Pyramid is a Great tool.
    The Base is 2 Parts: Desire and Faith
    The Top is our Actions
    It simplifies what we need to remind ourselves of on a daily basis. I wrote the pyramid on my White Board to remind me of the things we already know but NEED to make it a consistent thought and statement UNTIL our Actions reflect exactly what base to the Pyramid we created.

  3. sometime we just need to see things presented in a clear, concise
    form- things we DO already know, but forget to put together logically!
    This fits well with my own concept of the importance of staying in close
    touch with the Creator, who IS the source of all ‘white-hot’ energy-!
    The Word says that “without faith, (F), our works are dead (A), AND
    God cannot be pleased!” so, yes- our (D)esire must be well-grounded
    to begin this valuable and fascinating cycle! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Great stuff Vic. Thanks for the explanation. Saw it in a different light then before.

  5. Vic:

    Thanks for taking the time to teach as you did with the triangle. You mentioned the Bible so I thought I would break down what the word desire means it means De sire or of the Father – It’s the thing that our creator God gives us. The Bible says that He gives us the desires of our heart – He gives us our desires.

    Thank you & blessings,


  6. Many thanks for sharing the words of wisdom. I would add one more to your three drivers of success : dissatisfaction with the status quo. I believe dissatisfaction with ones current state coupled with hope and faith drive one to take action.

  7. Something so simple, but yet so powerful…now to apply it to reach my goals! Great, concise presentation that really hits home!

  8. I read the book over 20 years ago and this video bring memories. As we going through these difficults times these video could not come on a better time. Thank you for reminding me the simple basis of success. I forgot to apply this knowledge and found my self lost for a while. However you just fire up my desire and faith to take action and be responsible for my own actions.
    Thank you Vic and Lisa and keep doing this great work
    Pat Hernandez

  9. Thanks Vic,

    I really did enjoy your video. It gave me an what I needed to continue into my destiny. I even went back and pulled out Think and Grow Rich. I must make this my study guide on a daily bases.

  10. Very basic, yet powerful. As you listen to the demo, you will start to visualize this taking place to help understand and grab it.

  11. Dear John

    I am very broke and can not afford to spend money on anything which hurts my present situation.

    I have no credit card nor any resources to pay you for your seminar.

    However, I enjoy your free information which is very attractive and made me feel excited. It is a pity that I have no resources to pay for it.

    I do admire others who are able to benefit from your seminar.

    Is there any way I can work for you and gain access to the program?

    Andrew Yong

  12. Vic,
    Though i had read TGR book, your pyramid session unfolds how to get that burning desire. Many thanks for sharing this information.

  13. Vic

    Thanks that really helped.

    I was in a stuck state doing copy for a newsletter and I had an epiphany and just with a shift in my thinking I had the right words.

    Thanks Again

    Ian Cleland
    The Walking Man from OZ

  14. Vic, as usual you did a great job of explaining the basics. We all know the material, read all the self help books. Just need to complete the cycle by taking action and keeping the fuel on the fire

  15. Thanks Vic :)!

    I found this short video is very good at showing the pyramid at how desire, faith and action intertwine to create results in our lives, physically, spiritually and mentally. It also reminded me of the scriptures: “So then faith [comes] by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” (Romans 10:17). What does HEARING actually mean? what does the book of James say?
    But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.

    Jam 1:23 For if anyone is a hearer of the word and not a doer, he is like a man observing his natural face in a mirror;

    Jam 1:24 for he observes himself, goes away, and immediately forgets what kind of man he was.

    Jam 1:25 But he who looks into the perfect law of liberty and continues [in it], and is not a forgetful hearer but a doer of the work, this one will be blessed in what he does.

    This demonstrates the pyramid example in action…we read God’s word have faith in it and walk by it. Thus producing ACTION which then feeds more desire and a deeper understanding of God’s word which then builds more FAITH which then produces more ACTION and so on….

  16. Vic
    I really appreciate the information you gladly shared with us regarding “The Secret of the pyramid”.

    Yes, it is very important to get this white hot desire, then the Faith and then Action, like the Deming circle that goes as: plan do check act… and all in a continuous basis to increase and grow.

    Jorge Salomon
    Pachuca Hgo

  17. Great Information. We tend to think all things are complicated, but the best things are sometimes easy to do. Thanks. Robert Martinez. Los Angeles, CA

  18. Brilliant. Vic, you have the ability to take a complex subject and explain it in terms that everyone can understand and relate to. Thank you so much for sharing your talents with us.

  19. Great seminar, Vic. I think there’s so much truth in the Pyramid Principle.

  20. Great video. You have distilled all the principles of success into the pyramid. Very effective.

  21. Dear Vic,
    Very motivational, to the point and inspiring for us to get off our asses,,,thanks

  22. Sometimes the easiest things to overlook are the powerfull answers we are looking for to get ourselves into productive action.

    Thanks for pointing out part of what I have been missing.

  23. Hello Vic

    Brilliant. Yes, we do all know what to do.. But sometimes we just need a succinct reminder. For me I’ve just realised my desire has not been White Hot and correspondingly my Faith not strong enough.

    So subtle yet Massive. A BIG Thank You for sharing this..To Give Is To Gain..

  24. thank you i am working on it, i will like to translate this message to spanish since i live in mexico , so i could share it too. and expand this hot white desire, if its possible let me know.

  25. Good. Please expand on exactly HOW action drives desire, I have often taken action hoping desire will grow, but it does not often happen.

    Nice to hear that I am successfull, I have certainly failed often enough.

    Thank you

  26. Vic, thank you, what an incredible gift – I mean that – I have read Think and Grow Rich many times too , but this is truly a dilly, that you have shared here today, I am so grateful to you for this…please keep reading this book, I aspire to see what you see Vic, thank you for shining your light on me today. xO ( big hug)

  27. Hello Vic,

    Thank you thank you thank you. It amazes me that most of the time when we all need a subtle kick one comes to us in one way shape or form! Hopefully, we are all able to realize what we just received!!

    Decide, Faith/Believe and Just DO IT, Do the activity! GO NOW!!

    Keep It Simple,

    Cathy Dyment
    Loudon, New Hampshire

  28. thanks a million.
    powerful way of putting the link from desire to faith and action.
    for me it a new way of looking into it
    please i appreciate if you illustrate more on how to develop strong faith or belief from desire .you just mentioned one can increase his faith when he have desire or if he worked on it: self esteem etc.
    what did u realized from Hill on this regard.

  29. Vic,

    This is a fabulous video. We are a visual society today, which is why a new release of TaGR would greatly benefit from additional visuals.

    In addition, I think you have nicely boiled TaGR down to its core principles.

    Well done!


  30. Vic, I loved the video! Not only does it present the principals in an easy to remember foremat, it Also works great to trouble shoot any areas to find out what is holding us back! Everyone that Likes Think & Grow Rich would be greatly benefited to have as a companion book, Succeed & Grow Rich Through Persuasion. Thank You Thank You Thank You!

  31. I think the video really spells it out I’ve been studying think and grow rich by Mr. Hill for years and with some successes. I want more and to want more you must become more. You must tell yourself I will have more and get the desire and faith together to take action and build that better life.

  32. The three principles are great–they create a new mindset. Once looking at Desire, Faith and Action are automatic.

    I must find my THINK AND GROW RICH book by Hill and re-read it.


  33. So simple, yet so powerful. Thank you for presenting such a powerful message and doing so within a manageable time frame.

  34. Hi Vic and Lisa,
    That was a very powerful video there you had just given with the pyamid(3 principals) now I just need to apply and stick with it.I need a good work out partner,someone who will hold me accountable at the end of the day.
    Thank you alot for all your support!

  35. What a wonderful gift for a Friday evening after a long hard week of work. I will share the wisdom of the pyramid with my family at home this weekend. I love its simplicity and power.

  36. Wow I think yr pyramid was very simply done and easily absorbed.

    Tnks for sharing with us.

    Sakinah MALAYSIA

  37. Hi !! Vic Johnson great wonderful principle , we all always fail because of not taking action and not having strong desire becoz dn’t have faith in some thing

  38. Hi Vic,

    i am in Tanzania, perhaps furthest geographical spot from where you are!
    these principles are universal and can make a huge difference. i feel good and i am successfully, i will continue to be successful and attract more success by sharpening my knife through these principles! Thank you
    Felix Mlaki

  39. Thanks Vic,
    I enjoy your work and have been listening to the audio book of TGR. The pyramid example puts a clear visual in my mind of these principles. Very helpful.

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