The “Pyramid of Power” From Think and Grow Rich

Here are three must do principles for achieving massive success. After you watch the video I would appreciate you leaving your comments below. And be sure and click the link below and check out more on these principles…

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243 thoughts on “The “Pyramid of Power” From Think and Grow Rich”

  1. Many thanks, however there is usually a thin line representing FEAR inbetween F & A which must be completely erased without leaving any trace. It expresses such a formidable force on people, precluding them from moving ACTION. Please we need this addressed, how do we completely deal with this line that tends to show itself at the most important moment!

  2. Dear Vic,
    Its an amazing presentation and great information too.
    I have read the Book TGR- A bible for the positive results-

    I hope to see more of these in future
    ‘best regards

  3. Wow, Vj!!… mind blowing piece of pyramid, which is enough for motivation.
    Can be applied to any thing in life…!! TO GROW HEALTHY… WEALTHY.. on & on

    Thanks for sharing it.
    Anwar Hussain

  4. Thanks Vic… You have reminded me to read Think and Grow Rich, again. I am working on giving a workshop like I did many years ago and could use a push into motion. (smile) I will review your 8 session course and probably sign up for it. This video is great. Thank you so much for helping us all help ourselves!

  5. I too have read Think & Grow Rich many times but have not had success explained in such simple terms. This is however the very method I have used to get what I want. It works. Thank you Vic for sharing.

  6. Vic,
    Thank you for the inspiration. My wife and I were coming home today talking about what we need to do in ourlives concerning debt, careeeres etc. That was the question “why don’t we do what we need to do?” I am ready to take action!!!!

  7. Thank you Vic for following your desire, and bringing this message alive. Like you and you walking buddy said, we all know what to do do. This message has helped me get from knowing, to doing. Thank you once again. Make it a great day day! You truly deserve it!

    Front Row Frankie

  8. I have just bought Think & Grow Rich again, so it was a nice introduction into what I should be looking for when reading it. Your delivery was motivational and inspiring, well done. Most importantly it was so right for me at the moment. Thanks and best wishes, Kathryn

  9. Great visual and video. Thinking about purchasing the entire CD/Workbook set for sharing with the women’s ministry in my church. So applicable to so many areas of our lives.

  10. Vic,
    Great analogy. The think and grow rich book is phenomenal and your triangle just reminded me about the three most important ingredients neede in the journey of wealth creation. Am so blessed be on your mailing list

  11. Loved the video. I carry Napoleon Hill’s book in my purse and review it while waiting for appointments i.e. like in my doctors appointment. I find new concepts every time.

  12. Love it! Very simple, common sense, but the visual of the triangle is fabulous! Thanks Vic! ANd a special thank you for your comment “conquer the way you process failure”. I realise now that has been a block for me. Many thanks 🙂

  13. Good visual reminder. Enjoyed the presentation and found it useful. The repetition seems to be key in making the changes. As a hypnotherapist I appreciate the autosuggestion and found the presentation uplifting. Thank you.

  14. Great way of presenting this concept Vic- I use the following, a rectangle – start with Thoughts, which when positive enough will increase potential, this in turn will drive positive Action leading to Positive Results – the reverse of this happens with Negative Thoughts all the back to Poor Results.

  15. Hi Vic –

    Just wanted to let you know that I just watched the video again with my college-age niece! You are the master teacher and she really got into the video! This is the type of thinking that younger people need to be immersed in so they can get a great start on life!

    Thanks again!

  16. You’ve answered questions that I’ve had for a long time now but to which I have not had answers to. You’ve shown what’s possible ie getting the white hot desire. I thought you had it or no. You’ve also pointed out the barriers we need to conquer. Also, why our action is weak and why we don’t succeed. Thank you!

  17. Very good points Vic; the TGR Seminar is a very detailed approach to helping people understand and apply success principles in their lives.

  18. Hi Vic,

    You have just triggred me with the video of Triangle. You have made it so simple to achive anything. I will make my 12yr child to see it, so he too can use it in his studies and achive higher grades.

    Thank you very much.


  19. Hi Vic,

    You have just triggred me with the video of Pyramid. You have made it so simple to achive anything. I will make my 12yr child to see it, so he too can use it in his studies and achive higher grades.

    Thank you very much.


  20. Hello Vic,
    Great!!!!Thank you so very much . The triangle presentation of yours has just confirmed of what was on my mind. It was simple yet easy to understand and from this very basic many people could instill these in mind of How to THINK BIG and GROW RICH.
    Thank you gain for sharing .

  21. This is great, makes perfect sense. The principles you discussed hit home. I’ve got DF and I still need to work on the A.

    Thanks for sharing.

    God bless,

  22. This knowledge is power. The comments above say loud and clear. I have been receiving emails from the “As A Man Thinkth” for a while and this with that puts me on a different plane! I Love This and thank you.

    God Bless

  23. Hi Vic repetition is the mother of all study, and I listen to you every day. And it is helping me grow my acn biz thank you.

  24. What you say about the three priciples is correct but in order to achieve real succsess there is something missing and that is the motive of your desire in order to have a burning desire you need to include the most powerfull force in the universes and that is LOVE if your motive is selfih you would very litlle if any
    but if you do this to help other people with love your success is assured.
    Think about and put love in the center of the triangle.
    Thank you very much.

    Frank Miranda

  25. Fabulous pyramid visional!! It can show us where our weakness lies. My weakspot has been faith so I now ask myself, ” Ok Renee, what portion of this desire do you believe can be TODAY?” I then do all that I can do in THIS DAY. I ask myself this everyday, buiding on the foundation of Desire & Faith, I can now see my pyramid being built & accepting that it is taking as long as I need it to be. According to my faith, it is unto me. One day I will look back and see all my desires of today in the past tense. I can do that now by looking at yesterday & seeing that I did all that I believed I could do so that each day I encourage myself into the next day. Your Pyramid gave me the visional of what I am building on. You are correct in saying we all know what we must do, we generally give excuses why we can’t do it. We lack D or F. Many of us do not even know what our desire trully is.
    As you pointed out, we must start there. Thank you! I send blessings to you & yours! I love you all (I mean you, the person reading this)!!!

  26. I like to rephrase statements and questions in the most positive way possible. i.e. Why don’t I do what I know to do ? to
    How can I do the things I know I need to do.
    I found your video an excellent reminder of the power in action becoming a catalyst for the other two principles. Thank you for sharing

  27. i was always wondering what came first in the A,F,D as you mention in your presentation… thanks for clearing that up and now i will remind myself before i act, to think about the desire and belief i have prior to doing that action…
    and im thinking alot right now about the amount of time that i will save with not doing what i used to… taking each step in its own time…
    thanks Vic.

  28. Thanks Vic,
    clear and to the point, as always. You should really make a DVD with all those small videos you make!


  29. The thing about a beginner is that they’re eager. This is both good and bad. It’s good because they’ll put full effort into things and learn as much as they can, it’s bad because their eagerness makes them impatient! Many’s the beginner who didn’t get dramatic results in the first month and gave up because of it.

  30. Thanks Vic for your Triangle, it reminded me of something. (I’m a counsellor and just getting into LC too), so I will use the following example to my clients and tell them about your wonderful triangle.

    I love to go for a run in the morning but sometimes I feel lazy. I used to lie there in bed trying to mentally motivate myself to get up and go – and often I didn’t. I just got up and made a cup of coffee….

    Then I realised “a trick.”
    I get up and put my running clothes on (……even if I am not going to go for a run I may as well put them on!)

    I put my iPod on and listen to some great music, walking around my apartment (….Hey I’ve done a natural “warm up”)

    …..Well seing as I got this far I may as well go for that run 🙂

    I feel so great when I get back home – I did it! I overcame that inertia.

    Because I made the effort to do that smallest bit of motion.

    I really enjoyed reading Think and Grow Rich, and the LOA is beginning to bring me so much abundance.


  31. Very inspirational. A lot of people’ld be better if they knew this. Thank God, I got to know early enough.

  32. your speach just told me dont hang on to the negitave look into the positave because positave is the solution and the more positave the easier it is to force negitave out for example a high crime area if I become rich i could buy more and more land in tha area and develop it to a high standard and force the criminals out at the same time my development could be makeing me richer ( I am yet very poor not even $200 in the bank ) how can I do it ? I need a start , my mother is a widow and am her only son who will help ?

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