The “Pyramid of Power” From Think and Grow Rich

Here are three must do principles for achieving massive success. After you watch the video I would appreciate you leaving your comments below. And be sure and click the link below and check out more on these principles…

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243 thoughts on “The “Pyramid of Power” From Think and Grow Rich”

  1. Thank you for the talk. I enjoyed listening to the information about the triangle and the three principles. Focus is another one which without makes it hard to get anything done at all. Sometimes I have so many things that I want to do, that I am in a state of “torn between”. Then I have to get myself into one mode, focus the desire and the belief to act. Thanks for all the information and the clear presentation.

  2. Hi Thanx ! very practical, motivating and eye opening at the same time.

    Thanks Vic


  3. Dearest Mr. Johnson,


    My heartfelt appreciation to you for the “secret power of the pyramid” and for your generosity to share your knowledge and wisdom.

    I realize the importance of having a burning desire, and now I clearly understand that incorporating faith with action completes the equation. Thank you for the clarity and inspiration!

    I wish you immense success with all of your heartfelt endeavors!

    With Heartfelt Respect,

  4. Vic, Law of Attraction lead me to your site. Please check my site and see if this is what you are looking for. Just watch the 6 minute video.
    Loved your Power of the Pyramid principles. Thank you!

  5. This was a simple and an effective rewind and reminder of The Best Way To Get To Your Dreams

  6. yea Vic your right, i have so much knowledge in me but i seem to find it hard to get moving, and i do think there may be something that seems to be sabotage myself from completing my project, i seem to have struggle after struggle, its like im not ment to succeed , this is in every area of my life, its weard, i keep looking for answers at least im not giving up, im thankful for that, thank you paul holt

  7. This video is powerful.I enjoyed listening to this powerful information Napoleon hill is a wonderful Philosopher Mr.Vic Johnson you have a purpose in life and that purpose is to help people succeed in business and in self development. Keep doing what you love to do.May god bless you and your family.
    Arthur Robinson jr.

  8. I wish to Thankyou so much for sharing this with us. we join these programs see the top guros making money then we try and fail because we do not know what we are doing and fail to get results. But are not telling us this kind of imformation. so we need to have the burning desire then faith then make the decison to take the action. we need to keep thinking this to say on track.

  9. Hi Vic,

    Thank you so much for sharing such an interesting take on the chapters of ‘Think and Grow Rich’. The pyramid has inspired me and given me ideas to motivate my trainees on Monday.

    God bless you!

    To Your Success,

    Sohan Gokarn

  10. Thank you Vic for that wonderful explanation of TGR principles through the presentation.

    Miracles can happen in each of us by using DFA principles. It happened in my life and I am sure it can happen in every body’s life.

    Thank you Vic for spreading the good thoughts and be a light to the World!


  11. Hi Vic,

    You really hit the nail on the head. Half hearted action stems from not cultivating desire and faith and that is the guaranteed route to failure.

  12. Thanks Vic. Funny how when the student is ready the teacher will appear. I have a talk tomorrow allowing me to move into action, my goal of getting back into professional speaking.

    Aloha, Bob Sommers
    The Likeability Guy

  13. Dear Vic,
    You know something that cocerns me about all this motiovational stuff – is that you don’t distinguish between good and bad – you could well be talking to Al-Quaeda who could easily follow the three principles with great success and grow rich in other ways (not monetary!). There are good and bad desires, beliefs and actions – please don’t let your good advice fall into the wrong hands!!
    Keep up the good work Vic!
    Jeff Blumberg

  14. Love it Vic! Great presentation and condensation of these ideas. Miss you and Lisa and hope to see you soon :0)


  15. Hi Vic!

    That was a creative analogy and great visual demo.

    I wonder how a real pyramid really works. Unlike a triangle characterized only by 3 sides which can stand even if its hollow inside, a pyramid must have a concrete foundation. There is something solid within. It has a core.

    Using this structural analogy, what should be the major core of a person, a characteristic within, that will make the triangular elements of Desire-Belief-Action produce desired results?

    Was there a specific mention about this CORE in Napoleon Hill’s book?

  16. Well, that was a revelation … ‘successful people fail more times than unsuccessful people’. I realised that I haven’t taken action or tried things I’ve wanted to try in case I fail and therefore look foolish. I believed I should make the ‘right’ decision before taking action and that’s what’s kept me stuck. Brilliant, thank you.

  17. Thanks Vic. You have really inspired me. The pyramid principles are infallible.

    Agharinma Ehiedu
    Lagos, Nigeria

  18. Morning Vic,
    its bucketing rain in Ireland this morning but looking at the video is a real pick me up, love the simplicity of it, the common sense approach and particularly the emphasis on the first part, Desire, without which the other two will never get going!

  19. Hi Vic

    Great presentation as usual, only comment I would make is that I agree with Marie Louise that Napoleon Hill lifted the corner of the carpet to reveal part of the secret of success by providing a pathway. I too have studied Hill for many years and I believe that there is a further vital part of the process which I have revealed in my training programmes here in the UK I have been blessed to see so many attendees achieve what they desire in life after learning this vital step including a multi-millionaire who declares that he took his first step with my programme. I say this not to brag but to point out that the triangle is a wonderful method of teaching but it still misses the key just as Hill did not reveal all in his mighty work.

  20. Dear Vic, I have been getting you emails since last October (08) and you can not imagine what has happened since I first read “As A Man Thinketh.” Thank you for continuing to help.

  21. This was so basic, so simple and so honest that we all know what you meant and have all been there yet we still don’t take the action that we know we should. I think your presentation will help inspire some of us to finally take that action. I am looking forward to success now (hehe just need to make it a white hot desire).
    Thanks for your effort.

  22. Hi Vic and Lisa
    Great insights to one of the best books ever written. I wish the principles from it would be part of educating our children around the world as I strongly believe that it would change the world forever (to a better and even more prosperous place for all mankind). I really do. And I am grateful that I have been introduced to your website as I appreciate expanding my own awareness from people like you. I connect with the way you are able to present the information and I feel well on my way with my dream and my desire.
    Well done and thank you so much for doing what you are doing globaly. You are a great inspiration to many people I am sure!

    Yours sincerely,
    Brian Krogh

  23. Hi Vic,

    Its very true what the pyramid principle stands for but not everyone has the strong enough desire to bring about the faith/belief and action to do something to achieve their goals/aims.

    It is also said that if you do something consistently for 30 days it becomes a habit and thus gets easier to do and motivation sets in.

    For some people it maybe not that easy to get out of their confort zone and do something different to enable them to change whatever it is they want to change. It may be easier for them to find someone who they can go with and start the process of change with them – they will then find that it can be easier than they first thought and it will then fuel the desire and belief that they can do/be/change what it is they want and that in turn then gives them the confidence to take their own massive action and their desires/dreams/goals do become reality.

  24. Wonderful
    Really enjoyed this.
    Have read Think & Grow Rich at school ( I am now 52) and am impressed at the way you have elaborated on some of his principles.

    Look forward to your future similar videos.
    Best wishes

  25. Great stuff Vic. You really nailed it when you said we know these principles but sometimes have difficulty putting them into practice.
    Thanks for your support.

    best regards,


  26. I have been reading ‘Think and grow rich’ almost as long as Bob proctor and living by its basic principles. Just one more thought to add Vic. any movement usually creates friction of one kind or another. This can for some creat procrastination. So add to the triangle a second arrow following action. this action is PERSISTANCE. With Desire, Faith, Action and Persistance all bases are covered. I mention this in my book ‘yes you can’ now available on keep up the great messages Vic. cheers John

  27. Thanks Vic. A good introduction to the principles of consciously applying the Law of Attraction. See this together with The Secret and the teachings of Abraham. I also recommend to use EFT and other meridian tapping /acupressure techniques whilst consciously desiring and setting out intentions!

  28. Vic


    I will go back and watch the video again, but the light just came on. Yes, I’ve read T&GR several times, in fact its on my desk now in front of me. But seeing the Triangle, it all just came together.

    You are right. We’ve all known it. The Loop, the feed back cycle, one step feeds the next.

    The best solutions are always the simple, elegant ones!

    Thank you again, and best wishes to you and your family.

  29. Good job on communicating the DFA principle into an easily understood message. Vic is a great communicator and has simplified a concept into a compelling message. Cheers and all the best!

  30. Hi Vic,
    This is wonderful thinking. I’m in the process of self improvement for a short time, but I’m happy because I’m gaining momentum. I took actio, decision, and that means it can only get faster and faster.
    Thank you for your sintesis.

  31. This teaching was for sure really useful to my learning journey, and i will be waiting impatient for the next one. Be well

  32. Good stuff Vic. thats a great way to illustrate these principles, easy to grasp and helpful when teaching our kids. I have applied these to my website project which has recently been launched, the desire and faith remains white hot and the action is continuing every day. Reminds me of the question “What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?”

  33. Thank you Vic, for the insight and clarity of your presentation.
    I have to confess you were the very first inspirational speaker that helped me to realise and return to the “basics” of success.
    I once downloaded Napoleon Hills’s “Think & Grow Rich” and I was also amazed by the simplicity of the whole process.

    I am actually applying those, and a few other principles to upgrade my reality.

    Nevertheless… shouldn’t we start rethinking the principle of “Growth”?

    You see… We are now living in a basically deregulated global economy that is based on the “GROWTH PRINCIPLE” if economy is not growing… that means we are in recession…

    But the truth is: When I look around I see no PLANET GROWTH!
    So I question myself:
    How can we persist on a growing demand for resources and energy?
    How can we keep a growing population?
    Where will we find viability to provide food and energy to a growing population of humans (with ever growing needs and aspirations) in a polluted and poorer planet, where climate changes are just bacoming more visible every single days?

    These are, in my humble opinion, the XXI Century most important challenges.

    Shouldn’t we all start focusing on a new paradigm?
    Shouldn’t we all try to find out new “TRUTHS” in addition to Napoleon Hills’s teachings?

    Vic I wish you the best!

    Thank you very much

  34. In Hindu philosophy, it is known as ‘Karmayoga’, being always wedded to ‘Action’, irrespective of results.

  35. Absolutely wonderful. As I was watching, I saw the triangle as the top of a three legged stool. If any of the legs is missing – it will topple!

    Thanks, this image is easy to recall and will be helpful in achieving and maintaining goals!

  36. A great illustration. Can I borrow it. i really like it. I occasionally make presentation for young people entering the job market for the first time and I am in West Africa, Ghana.

  37. I have no idea if this quotation is original. However, as soon as I heard you talking about the pyramid, I remembered it.
    ==>”The truth of the matter is that you always know the right thing to do. The hard part is doing it.” – Norman Schwarzkopf <==
    Thank you Vic!

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