The Persistence Test

1. Do you have a clear picture of your burning desire?

2. Have you written a Statement Of Definite Purpose?

3. Have you decided what you will give in return for your success?

4. Have you set a date for accomplishment of your goal?

5. Have you created a plan to accomplish your goal?

6. Is that plan written down where it can be added to and modified as needed?

7. Have you written an Affirmation Statement that tricks your subconscious into thinking you have already attained your burning desire?

8. Have you written goal and affirmation statements for any of the other challenges you have encountered while learning the principles?

9. Do you read these statements at least twice a day – morning and night?

10. Have you changed your environment and surrounded yourself with symbols that remind you of your goal and resemble your life once you achieve it?

Add up all of your yes’s and calculate your score. If you want to achieve the persistence that Napoleon Hill wrote about in Think and Grow Rich, register for The TGR Seminar today…

Note: The Persistence Test is one of the many life-altering activities you’ll discover in The TGR Seminar…

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