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Youngest Coach Shares Oldest Wisdom

Brad Stevens Butler University CoachBrad Stevens coached his little-known Butler University team about as close to victory as you can possibly get without winning.  In one of the best NCAA College Basketball Championships ever played, Duke (whose annual basketball budget is 7 times Butler’s) managed to squeak by Butler University with a mere two point lead.  And that lead was in doubt until the final seconds.

As Wikipedia notes, Stevens joined Butler basketball program as a volunteer prior to the 2000–01 season after quitting his job at Eli Lilly. In 2010, his third year as head coach, Stevens broke the NCAA record for most wins in a coach’s first three years, exceeding the previous record by eight. At 33 years old, Stevens became the second–youngest head coach to coach in the NCAA National Championship game, losing 61-59 to Duke.

And what did the youngest coach have to say to his players just before they hit the floor on Monday night? “if you do these things” (the game strategies he had laid out) you’ll not only attract that which you want, you’ll attract that which you are.”

Great wisdom repeated by a great young coach.  And that wisdom applies to YOU too!

The Hero That MJ Could Have Been

While much of the world mourns the death of Michael Jackson, I’d rather celebrate the life of an apparent real hero. While I know MJ was a great entertainer, his private life appeared to be a real train wreck. I hope he finds peace at the next stop.

On the other hand, actor Will Smith seems to have the makings of a real-life hero. I’ve always enjoyed his movies and this video is some great insight into what makes him tick — and some great lessons for all of us! While I’m quite sure he has his share of human flaws, he’s doing a lot of things right — and a lot of things others should model!

I Wept Because I Had No Shoes…

You’re probably familiar with the old Persian proverb, “I wept because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet.” So many times we’re focused on what we don’t have that we can never get around to using the gifts that we do have.

When I run across someone whose using their gifts without regard to their supposed handicap, I try to honor them in some way because they inspire all of us to look inside at the greatness we’re capable of. Dax Crum One-Handed Basketball playerDax Crum is a Division 1 college basketball player in the U.S. Now that in itself is very special because very basketball players ever reach that level of play. But what makes Dax a hero to me is that he plays at that super-competitive level with ONE HAND. And play he does — as this Fox Sports video shows.

There’s been a lot of talk in recent years about the Law of Attraction, and one of the key principles of that law is “whatever you focus on expands.” Focus on your lack and you’ll get more of it. Focus on your abundance and it will expand. It’s obvious that Dax focuses on the strengths that he has — and he makes the most of them. And so can YOU!