2 thoughts on “Why the Law of Attraction Isn’t Working”

  1. I have the orginally book by Bob Proctor and study course on “The Science of Getting Rich.” I think it was originally a $5k package and it’s vintage Bob as you mentioned as well.

    There’s work to be done on our part to insure our outcome even if it’s not the route to the income we thought.

    Bob nails it on the head yet again.


  2. Dear Vic,
    There’s another part to all this, and that’s a fundamental mis-understanding of the law due in no small part to the one-sided way it was presented in The Secret video.

    The other part of the problem is, in my opinion, due to an anti-wealth, anti-abundance mentality in our culture, esp. in our political culture. This definitely holds some people back. This post may interest you and your readers, and I’d love to receive any feedback or comments on this post:

    “The Secret,” Wealth, & Success verses Progressives and “The Left”.


    – Cheers,
    Christopher, The Charters Of Dreams

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