Motivation for Goal Setting

I know half the world is just beginning Summer, and it’s a big temptation to take a bit of a break until September.

But the cold hard facts are that in just a few weeks we’re going to be at the halfway point in 2010. If you expect anything to change in your life THIS YEAR, you’ve got just about six months to do it.

Now understand this, that’s plenty of time IF you’re using the “secret” ingredient of every successful person I know.

This video will help you discover and use that ingredient.

After you’ve watched the video I’d appreciate it if you’d leave your comments below. And if it’s helpful to you, please Share It with a friend (or your teammates).


146 thoughts on “Motivation for Goal Setting”

  1. Hi. It was good. Lots of positive stuff. Stuff I heard before but i’m big into cd’s. Good for the novice. Don’t like fail in the title.

  2. Thank you for the validation Vic! I have put myself at great risk–have risked everything — to do my work in the world. If white hot desire is what it takes, I’ll succeed.



  3. Thank you. Well done, great reminders of what we often know but never hurts to be reminded or rekindled. If I could just keep bombarding myself with these type of messages and positivity, the everyday negativity would not be able to keep up with me.

  4. Desire is the one thing that keeps me working at winning the lotto jackpot! I have persisted for years and prayed and now I can feel myself coming closer to reaching that goal!

  5. Thanks for the insights. Great stuff. The unbridled desire and the determination is absolutely needed to achieve ones goals! What is also needed after that is the plan, because if you fail to plan – plan to fail. That is say break it down to smaller goals. I agree with Bob, the title should be positive such as “11 ways to succeed.

  6. One of the things I continually remind myself goes hand-in-hand with the idea of setting big goals. That is, as Napoleon Hill also points out, “There is a difference between WISHING for a thing, and being READY to receive it.” Our readiness is rooted in our belief. Our belief, in turn, is enabled by an attitude of open-mindedness. With a fully open mind, which allows ALL possibilities, no goal is “too” large. Thank you for your video.

  7. Thank you Vic for continually sharing with us and for reminding us to β€œDream lofty dreams, and as you dream so shall you become.” !

    That is how I will start my day tomorrow!

  8. I really enjoyed the talk Vic. The subject is close to my heart right now.
    I have had financial problems for years because of my lack of belief in myself and my dreams. I’m now reading the book “The magic of Thinking Big” and you message had great timing.

    I am beginning to come around and starting to think that I can succeed. Yes I can!


  9. Vic – Great message as always. I can dream big and do, everyday (but did not do it until I took your Champions Club 2007 program – life changer).

    Regarding the dreaming big, I make sure that every night when my son goes to bed he is asked to , “Dream Big!” I did not have this insight and I can only hope he uses it to his advantage as he gets older and sets and surpasses all of my dream for him.

  10. Vic,
    Thank you for this great reminder. I’ve been trying to dig my dreams back out from a place I must have created a long time ago. When I felt my comfort zone threatened by a few recent challenges, I began to question my voice, my own worth. I’d just like to thank you for putting it so simply.

  11. The video hits a great point. I learned early in my lessons that confirmation was easily accomplished on things I truly believed possible and this video offered a great reminder of that point. Also great idea for “rekindling” goals. I know this message was meant to be one of those “coincidences” that you need to look for when walking toward true enlightenment.

  12. Thank you for the inspiration and encouragement! I need the reminder to dream again and to BELIEVE in myself. Awesome video that I will forward to my team and friends. Thank you.

  13. Hey Vic:

    Thank you for sharing..this is very refreshing..a way to ease the pain
    of not knowing what’s happening with oneself..

    This is greatly appreciated!!

  14. Thanks for the reminder!! I love the idea of taking 20 minutes and writing down 101 things to have, do, be….
    Sometimes doing for ourselves doesn’t seem worthwhile enough.. so I subscribe to doing for others and the rewards will simply come our way!
    Good evening from Colorado!

  15. Hi !
    Thanks a lot for the nice reminding to recall always the goal settings, Vic.

  16. Well,
    hello it’s a real pleasure listening to a person that freely for the listener to absorb such pos. insight for strengtening their brain for thinking & helping one to accomplish anything they want. I’ve watched the secret numerous times and it’s the truth no neg. or freeze your thoughts thinking the doubtful because there isn’t. If one thinks correctly possibilities are unlimited.
    Thank you,
    C. Bryan

  17. Hi Vic,

    Thanks so much for this awesome reminder! I’ve shared this video with all my friends and fans on facebook.

    Now I’m definitely going to achieve my BIG goal for this year!

    God bless!

  18. Thank you for the reminder, Vic. Finding my DESIRE has been my biggest obstacle, so I appreciate another exercise to help me dream big. I know it will give me that spark that I need. Stay as positive with your wording as you can. The positive wording will help to build more upbeat energy in any additional videos that you are doing. To your continued success, K.C

  19. Thank you Vic! I like the way you “bring it home.”

    Too many people give-up on their dreams, or never dare to have them, or never even dare to believe they could have them.

    People don’t realize it, but many of them have been conditioned to believe that success is immoral, or at least, spiritually decadent. I would like to hear you talk about THAT…America needs that…especially NOW.

    Like Tony Robbins says: “The past does NOT equal the future.”

    Here’s to a new future. : )

  20. Loved it keep up teh great job of helping peopel seed their dreams
    Ciao, Rocco
    Check out my videos on youtube and please leave a comment to. My channel is Zazzaret1.
    Also on facebook I have a song I wish for you to hear and comment on it is entitled, The Gifts of LIfe.

  21. Great video Vic! Thank you for shareing your wealth of knowledge. I’m looking forward to the next video.

  22. awsome way of waking you up! helped me remember about so many dreams and goal I had. thank you very much..

  23. Vic
    Thanks a million for sharing… What a great idea to stoke that white hot fire ! Never thought of making those goals “in a child state of mind” Consider it done !!! Awesome, thanks and many continued blessings your way !!

  24. Vic — I’m grateful for the insight and wisdom you always have to share. It is clearly from the heart and I find that to be very inspiring. Your message gives encouragement in keeping sight of my goal, I’ve been getting a little closer all the time over the past, say, 30 years and I just won’t give up. I believe I’m going to get there this year.

    God bless.

  25. Good stuff with lots of reminders and smart tips. Thanks for posting. Now I’m off to dream BIG.

  26. This reminds me again that we can and do create our reality – life sometimes gets in the way and I loose it. This is a great reminder. Thanks for the daily mails

  27. Vic – good points made. When I set the goals high, I always reach them. When I set them low, I just ignore them. Also, you did remind me of one thing I have always wanted to do – go to law school.

  28. Thanks Vic! It’s great to have a reminder like that.

    There are many wise words in this video, and everyone who watches and listens will find something that connects to their ambitions.

    Keep living your dreams!

  29. I’m looking forward to the dream setting excercise you shared. I am putting time in my planner to do just that.

  30. wonderful narration of the power of dream. that’s the only thing you have got. no one can take it away from you

  31. Thanks Vic.
    Very inspirational, and required during these challenging times! πŸ™‚

  32. Thanks for such an inspirational talk!
    It is a great reminder and a memory booster or jogger!!
    You know that you’ve never really thought BIG,
    but you never stopped to think WHY.
    And now the exercise might just reset your thinking and realization.
    Now I see the “Secret Ingredient!”

    Thanks again, and I look forward to more such inspirational talks!
    May all the success be with you.

  33. Thank you for the inspiration and encouragement! I need the reminder to dream again and to BELIEVE in myself.The last minute questions really worth and I am going to frame it and ask myself everyday. life changing video that I will forward to my team and friends. Thank you.Last

  34. ThankGod and thank you Mr. Johnson. I don’t know how could I stand if God weren’t sending me big dreamers, bigger achievers like you all along my way…

  35. This session was quite good and the thing about writing down 101 goals kind of inspires.

    I’ll definitely follow the positive advices πŸ™‚

  36. This is a right word in the right season,jst came when i needed it d most. Thank you for motivating me this morning,God bless you.

  37. thanks for reminding me not to give up on what is so important in every ones life enormous goals and challenging dreams otherwise i will let down myself and what i could achieve for the highest good of every person on the planet

  38. Hi Vic,
    Thanks for the video. Lovely stuff. Yes, dream big and work towards realizing it and you will succeed. Very true. Thanks again.

  39. It is a blessing to be reminded to pursue your dreams. Sometimes you put them on hold to attend to the everyday things.

    Perserverance will show results.

    Thank you for taking the time to share. May you be blessed for your generosity.

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