Motivation for Goal Setting

I know half the world is just beginning Summer, and it’s a big temptation to take a bit of a break until September.

But the cold hard facts are that in just a few weeks we’re going to be at the halfway point in 2010. If you expect anything to change in your life THIS YEAR, you’ve got just about six months to do it.

Now understand this, that’s plenty of time IF you’re using the “secret” ingredient of every successful person I know.

This video will help you discover and use that ingredient.

After you’ve watched the video I’d appreciate it if you’d leave your comments below. And if it’s helpful to you, please Share It with a friend (or your teammates).


146 thoughts on “Motivation for Goal Setting”

  1. I loved this video-got me fired up and motivated to do more-be more-I will refer to this often when I need a boost. I justt ordered one of Napoleon Hill’s books and can’t wait till it arrives!!! Thank you so much for sharing this information……………..for free!!!! God bless you!!!!

  2. OK, Vic, alas a chance to share this with others.

    First, I have to say, it’s a great video. It’s all real and true. Here’s my story.
    The first time I read James Allen’s “As a Man Thinketh” was 29 years ago. A guy named Hal, who I was designing a Logo for, gave me a small staple-bound copy of it, one of hundreds he had gotten printed himself. I then read it to completion every day for a week or so. I accepted it and adapted to my world. The philosophy and work ethics have become the blueprints of obtaining any goal I desire. The rewards of that committment have come to me a hundred fold any goal in my life life. My
    “As a Man Thinketh” came at just the right time for me. When it comes to DREAMING THE BIG DREAM, always go for it with NO FEAR…EVER!

  3. Hi Vic:

    Great hearing your voice again and seeing your mighty presence. This was a great reminder to me to make my dreams much bigger and to make that new list of things to accomplish. Oddly enough, I have accomplished a lot of things on my previous list and wasn’t really aware of it until I started thinking about it. My first item on my new list is to finish my e-book. Thanks for being a great Mentor.

  4. I have to find the program that is keeping me from dreaming! Great video.

  5. Looking forward to the day when my dreams do come true. It makes me weary to think it could still take more years…but need to encourage myself by saying that coming so far as I have (with little result) is still progress and I have learnt much. So..on with the next phase…

  6. Thanks Vic for the information. That hit my problem on the head. I currently do not have that white hot desire for anything. Now that I know the problem, it is something that can be worked on.

  7. Listening to the video gave me a headache! But not because you were wrong or not telling the truth; important goals to me are so overwhelming.
    I failed at Amway, I failed at promoting water distillers, I failed at marketing
    air purifiers, I have failed at learning Hebrew, and more. All that I am good at is conforming with the masses;trading time for money. That is a deep empty pit in today’s economy.

    Baruch Ben-Melech

  8. Thanks Vic. You made my eyes believe, my mind believe, now it’s up to me to make my soul believe.

  9. Thanks for the pep talk. Just what I needed as i’ve getting caught up with the many trivial everyday life matters that can really eat up your day. But also distracts us from the most important matters which we need to be tending to. It’s helped me to refocus and try to get my fire to the “:White Hot” level of desire.

    Leland from Hawaii

  10. Hi Vic, this was a great video thank you so much for sharing it. The goal of keeping my dreams alive is so crucial , I need to remember to let God supply the “How”. Many Blessings Marc Rueger

  11. Thanks for the reminder Vic!

    I just posted a link to this video on FaceBook – hope my friends take the time to check your video out.

    Thanks for the Claim Your Power Now program, too – really changed my life. Even though things are not good at the moment – I know good things are happening. I just need to keep going.

    See you when you post the next video!

  12. Vic, nice to hear your voice and hear the motivating message to write some lofty goals down pretty quickly. Agree with one of the comments about the title, I didn’t feel inspired to listen when I read it as I aren’t really interested in why goals fail, I would rather hear why they succeed.
    gotta go now. Have to write some goals in double quick time. Thanks for keeping in touch.

  13. If only I had started with this material long ago. How many times I have heard that said and have myself said it. However, when its time its time and now is finally my time. This material along with the others in my growing library is not only informational, its the way your life should be lived! Thank you for your tireless efforts and please, keep the inspiration going….. Russell from Fly-Over Country…WI.

  14. Thanks Vic! Very good info and reminder about the importance of setting goals and how to do it!

  15. thanks for the inspirational. the 101 dream list might actually do the trick… thanks lots. keep ot up , VIC

  16. Dream Big it’s easy right…….of course it is. I can see now that I have had very small dreams. Thankyou for your incredible insight Vic.

  17. I was so disappointed with this video and stopped it within a minute. I do not need or want to know how goals FAIL. Instead I chose to know they succeed. I am successful and hope that others seek success not failure.

  18. Very interesting but after 41 years of marriage, my husband and I many times have conlicting goals

  19. Thank you for this video Vic.
    Dream big enough, thats what you sad. 5 years ago we set the goal to build our own house to live in. 5 years we have worked on that dream to come true. Two weeks ago we started with building it. Thats what it is:
    Dream It, do It!
    greetings from switzerland….

  20. thanks just what i needed to get back on track after a rough couple weeks, now i can line up my sights once more

  21. Thanks for the reminder that we are half way through another year. As I write this, my wife Kathy has left to be with her grandfather who has entered the hospital unexpectedly. I will have been on this earth 47 years tomorrow. The gentlemen she is going to see has bee 95 years on this earth!!!! A quick reminder that I have alot of work to do, people to see, things to accomplish, and inspiration and smiles to spread. Thanks for re-igniting the flame that is the only way it can become white hot!!!

    “It is only when the mind is without conflict that it can develop to its fullest potential.” Hugh Benham Kyiv 2003

  22. Fantastic!Awesome!Absolutely revealing!

    Thanx Vic.I was greatly moved, inspired, educated and motivated.Just like the man you talked bout in the video who sat for The Bar examz for 48 times…i have only sat for my own professional exams twice and had been thinking of backing out…..that thought has changed now.

    I have to try and try and try and try again and again now….This video is for keeps.Would always go back to watch again.

    Thanx again Vic and God bless you.

  23. Thanks a million for the amazing message in the video!!!! May the message reach millions of people throughout the world. Cheers, Meshack Khosa

  24. Thanks ,for a truly inspirational video. Your guidance and expressions are
    definitely motivational and helps to fuel my expressions.

  25. Hi Vic,

    It is always great to see your smiling face and hear your words of wisdom. Thank you for reminding me to “Dream Lofty Dreams.” It is so easy to think and dream small. But the rewards come when you step out of the skinny branches and Dream Big. Thank you for the reminder.

    Take care and best to Lisa,


  26. Almost missed this one due to many “My Daily Insights” in my box. Thanks Vic, a nudge at the right time.

  27. I always look forwarding to hearing or reading something from you. Thanks a million times for reminding me of what I have planned to do this year. I appreciate it.

  28. hello vic, somewhere during this months i lost my will. to many things goes in the wrong directions or don’t move at all. i had a project, but it’s taking a year and still it can see the light of day. in the meantime, my job simply don’t work and actually it’s hard to find another one. in all of this i miss my passion and my will, now i just feel lost and without a clear path to follow. how can i recover some positive feeling and start believing again that thinks will work?
    thank you Vic

    Leo, milan, italy

  29. As you pointed out, Vic, I wouldn’t allow myself to dream of things, and especially not BIG dreams believing they were out of reach. Not wanting to be disappointed if I didn’t get them. I realize how I have been keeping myself from dreaming and making my dreams come true. To be sure to make the goal worthwhile, not to be afraid to DREAM BIG, and to get excited about having them come true. That’s a great exercise suggestion. Music, and a quiet place.

  30. I think the 101 dreams/goals had the most appeal. It helps you depict your core.
    Money, freedom vs. helping caring
    internal / external
    others / greedy self
    In 101 options we should find time/room to think of third level Maslow ideals

    Thanks for helping me reorder my focus.

  31. Will you like to have this and the rest of your fantastic material translated into Spanish neutral???? Common Vic! Help me to fulfill one of my biggest dreams: Make material as good as yours available to Spanish Speakers who do not speak English! Think about it for a moment!!! Just picture how many more people your material will reach! ALL LATIN AMERICAN COUNTRIES!!! All Latin American communities in the USA, which by the way is growing more and more each day! Vic, I have been your “pupil” for some months now and I do value your material. MAKE IT HAPPEN FOR ME… AND FOR YOU Vic!!! You have NO-THING to lose and great things to WIN! Best regards and blessings.

  32. Very inspiring lesson about setting goals. The questions that were asked are very imperative and I declared that I will stick to them. YES I CAN!!

  33. I loved this inspirational video, I’ll keep it to refer to. (Marcus Aurelius is one of my favourites. I read about his philosophy’s 20years ago) still have the book somewhere, it helped me through a difficult time. I haven’t heard anything about him for a while, so thanks for the reminder. I love all the inspiring messages!!

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