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  1. Hi Vic,

    Thanks so much for a great and helpful video. I believe I too can achieve more in 90 days than the whole year now.
    The most important thing I need to do now is to focus on only ONE goal. I have been focusing on too many things and end up nothing is being done!
    Thanks again for sharing such great info. 🙂

    Best regards,

  2. Vic:

    I have been associated with Nightingale-Conant since 1968. Bob Proctor was our first trainer there. He stressed the words “Attitude & Goal”. Since Earl Nightingale was his mentor at that time he used Earl’s definitons because the mind works with words, pictures and images and you will attract what you define. (The real bottom line to “The Law of Attraction”)
    Earl defined a Goal as – “Something you really want” and Attitude (The Magic Word) as “The postion or bearing as indicating action, feeling or mood.” We use words like FAITH, LOVE, SUCCESS, SECURITY, MONEY AND HAPPINESS but really never define them so those we are communicating with understand our true meanings and beliefs. This was the main charateristic and success in the writings of Hill, Nightingale and Stone – they defined their words before trying to explain. I call this lack of communication by most not understanding – “The LAW of ASSUMPTION”.

    I have followed your teachings but still do not know how you define these 6 simple REWARDING WORDS – which are all ATTITUDES! If you can please forward them to me for I am writing book on communication – Nick Carter (Earls right hand man for 20 years was my personal coach for 30 years – and I will be dedicating the book to him. He opened for Earl at his talks for years and Nick was known as “Mr. Communications” on the speaking Circuit.

    Thank you for your time and consideration and keep up the great work bringing people into a “Journey into Meaning.”

    In Gratitude & Expectancy,
    Dr. Jack T. Riggs.
    Las Vegas,NV

  3. All your videos rock. The video kept cutting in and out. Other than that the video gave really good pointers. Thanks. I love all your stuff….

  4. Hey Vic,

    This really hits the spot. It has been a ruff year and I have been having some self doubts. This will really get me re-focused back to where I should be mentally. Thanks for the kick in the pants.

  5. Its really inspiring video….i hope it will help me to focus on my goals and to achieve them…thanks….

  6. Dear Sir:

    How TRUE! I’m so dispersed with different things to do and goals to achieve I have no TIME to achieve anything!

    I’m taking your advice to heart. I choose to focus on only ONE GOAL for the next 90 days! By following your formula, I KNOW I’ll achieve that goal more quickly than by any other method!

    Thank you, SIR!

    Much Love,
    Frankie Diaz

  7. Thank you. I have way too many goals and get overwhelmed. I need to focus on one goal because I’m getting nowhere. You’ve given me some very good advice and direction!

  8. I am anxious to hear this..I keep getting kicked out or it stalls. Taking me over an hour to get 1/2 way through the video. 🙁

  9. So timely and very well explained, Vic!

    I love the “reward yourself” idea… I do that already, but never realized that’s what I was doing!

    “Once I make this phone call I can have another piece of chocalate”

    …works like a charm.

    Thanks again!

  10. Hi Vic,

    Great video – very inspirational. I really need something like this now. I’m normally quite a focused person but events of this year so far have really thrown me off track & I’m trying to do too much. I’m going to take your advice & focus on one goal only for the next 90 days. I feel so much more positive now.

    Thank you

  11. Thanks so much, but i check out on the library comp in Mumbai, and there are no speakers here. no voice arrangement. text message would’ve helped me as i was instd in knowing more. thx.

  12. Thank you very much!! I believe I can achieve my goal in 90 days. Especially after you said Think and Grow Rich was written in 90 days!!!! That is a great book.

    Love, C

  13. Inspiring Ideas. Practical recommendations ( for wealthy men and women too). You are very Positive person Vic.

    Happy Birthday!

    Greeting from Germany

  14. happy birthday and thank you! thank you a lot to share so much material and so many ideas to push us to success!!
    from Caracas, Venezuela

  15. Great Video — Thank you Vic ! I was feeling overloaded … and I definitely BELIEVE and FEEL that the most important thing I need to do NOW is to take your advice and focus on ONE goal only for the next 90 days. I know I can achieve my goal in 90 days!! And so it is! Thank you …Again.. 😉

    Love and Light!

  16. Thank you Vic for reminding me how important it is to focus on one goal at a time instead of working on 2 or 3. For the next 90 days I’ll put your advice to work for me. My book will be published before the end of the 90 days.

  17. Happy birthday Vic
    fantastic material
    will be buying your products for myself and family

  18. Vic,

    Thanks for the lift.
    I really appreciated your birthday sale, and momentum is building now.

  19. Thank You Vic,
    Concentration is power. Distractions weaken all of us. Your idea to focus on one goal is fantastic. I really believe you teach from your heart,
    care for the success of each of your listeners. Thank you again, for all you do to edify and uplift everyone around you.

  20. Thanks a lot Vic, for now I have at least known where, and why I was not making progress in my projects because I was tackling all of them at one goal. I’m very thankful for this good advise

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