Gratitude – One of the Most Powerful Forces in the Universe

This Thanksgiving message may be a little different than you’re used to. Last week we recorded a session with our exclusive Champions Club Gold and Platinum groups. The first part of the video is some Champions Club business but I think you’ll find the rest of (and most of) the video to be very powerful.

Gratitude video

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

5 thoughts on “Gratitude – One of the Most Powerful Forces in the Universe”

  1. Thank you for a magnificent job that you devoted to do and it’s very inspiring.

    Your articles has been so helpful to me and maximally it has changed my mental attitude towards things pertaining my life.

    Ndatta George


  2. Thank you Vic for all the work you have done and continue to do on yourself and for passing the benefits on to all who will listen.

    Thank you for the video interview the the very blessed Jim Rohn – I am blesed to have seen it and for being introduced to you both.

    All the best to yourself and Lisa.

    Catherine Walker

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