We All Have Bullies in our Life…

We all have bullies in our life but what’s really important is whether we let them steal our dream or not. Not only is this an amazing story of a 13-year-old, but a remarkable talent as well. Reminds me a lot of Paul Potts.

Be sure and listen to what Simon has to say at the end of the video — there’s a HUGE lesson there.

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  1. I was so overwhelmed watching this young boy sing. I replayed it three times and could listen to him all night. I cried through all three replays. It really hit home. What an amazing voice. Must have been in a boys choir at age six? This young man is going somewhere in life. Confidence will grow having a voice like that and bravo to Simon and the judges for giving him the added confidence he needed. I want his first CD.

    I too was bullied in school from elementary through high school. From the name calling
    to being totally ignored and laughed at hair pulled, hearing them talk about me under their breath. I only had three friends during high school. It’s a wonder I didn’t end up a drug addict or alcoholic. My 7th grade English teacher Mr. French had us memorize a Robert Frost poem and recite it in class. That was pure torture. I recited every word and all the kids laughed when I was done. I’ve had quite an interesting life. Lost my mother at birth, found her and lost her again. Lost my adopted mother when I was 26, father when I was 37, 15 yr old son when I was 43 and my husband of 23 years when I was 45. But with all of life’s chapters I’ve grown so much and I get the most joy from life when I can help others, knowing that I’ve accomplished something indeed, truly amazing from where I once was as a child. Since my son/husband’s passing I’ve written poetry and given it to thousands of people who have lost someone. Letting them know there is a rainbow at the end of all the grief. Poetry is in my weblink.

    And there was nothing wrong with me. My ears weren’t on backwards my nose was straight, so the only thing I could think of for being bullied was being adopted. I was teased a lot about it. My self confidence grew very slowly through the years. I seemed to be the victim everyone could pick on. Very shy, timid and didn’t say much and definitely didn’t get into a conversation with anyone other than my few friends. I must have had a sign on my forehead that said “I’m A victim-bully me”.

    Thanks for sharing Vic

  2. HI Vic,

    This video is absolutely amazing! I was in tears watching it! What wonderful and empowering comments from ALL of the judges, especially Simon. I, like you, was just bowled over by Simon’s comment.

    And yes.. I immediately was thinking of Paul Potts too! The parallels between the two cannot be denied.

    Thank you so much for locating this and sharing it with us. I have now put it up on my blog and website for even more to see.

    In Joy!


  3. My first reaction was that if one had ever imagined Angels singing, this is what it would sound like. To call this a remarkable young man seems an understatement.

    Bravo to Andrew, his supportive mom, the judges, and all who have kept their dreams nurtured despite the limited vision of others.

    Why does there have to be “something wrong” with a person to be bullied? Why does one person need to be made to feel “inferior” so others can experience their own sense of (false) superiority? Those are important questions not answerable in this short space, and certainly not by any one person.

    The real lesson from Andrew I suppose is to “carry on singing” and nurturing whatever your unique light is that others are trying to dim out.

    Vic, thank you so much for bringing this young man to our attention.


  4. I find that bullies actually do what they do because they are scared. It is because of their own perceived imperfection that they have to find a way to cover it up. And what better way to cover it up then trying to be louder and more aggressive then others ?

    I also think that schools should do more to protect students from bullying. With the proliferation of the Internet, bullying has migrated from the school backyard to online. Cyber bullying is equally or in some cases, more detrimental to a child’s mental state.

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