What’s your excuse?

Ben Underwood plays killer foosball and is an absolute master of video games. But so are a lot of 14-year-olds.

Except Ben is blind.

Watch this video and maybe you’ll see that the limitations you think you have, really aren’t limitations after all….

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  1. Truly amazing. Proof that, as our friend Jeff Keller says, “Attitude IS everything”

    Ben’s mother deserves a lot of credit for not letting him get into self pity and for instilling in Ben that there are, virtually, no limits.

    By focusing on the many, many things he CAN do, he plays down the one thing he can’t.

    Great lesson for us all.

  2. this is a perfect example of how we all should be.
    no matter what as children we look up to our parents for there reaction as to how we react. my hats off to this lady great additude.

  3. with myself I have a story as alot of people do.
    I grew up in hospitals. Iam 5 times disabled in 1994 for the last time physicaly and 1998 bypolar took over.
    Today I have my GED ,Iam a grad of The realestate mastery program of Trump University. after beliveing for years that I would never work again I decided that was not me I would not let life go by there had to be someway I found it inside my self not to let my dreams die never quit
    I got a job I now have been at for two years and 7 internet businesses
    in sept.2006 I enrolled and started a coaching program with Bob Proctor
    one person who I have learned from all my life and untill three year ago I didnt know but what I held on to that gave me hope was a book called YOU CAN BE HAPPY NO MATTER WHAT. BY DR.RICHARD CARLSON .
    The man where this wad forwarded from whom I just found out was non other than DR.WAYNE DYER as a result I have got all the teaching programs of his and they have truely changes my life as inspration is the key. Happyness to all and never give up.

  4. It’s amazing what one can do by having a Vision, even without a sight Ben enjoys life and is so precautions on every steps he makes, a strong mother to salute

    Have a Vision,a strong believe & Faith the world it’s at your hand

  5. What a fantastic young man!

    You’re amazing, Ben, all credit to you and to your wonderful mother.

    Best wishes to you both from Ireland,

    Liz Jordan
    Northern Ireland

  6. WOW!!! Now that is a virtuous Mother I want to be the kind of Mother that she is!!! I put limits on my self and inadvertantly pass those limits and fears on to my children who are healthy; Of which keeps us in a negative place.

  7. This is truly a remarkable example of Henry Ford’s premise that “if you think you can or you think you can’t you’re right”. God has given us the ultimate gift – choice. Ben obviously thinks he can and he does.

  8. Vic, I am speechless after watching the Ben Underwood video. There is no excuse in this world not to succeed. Thank you for reminding me of this. Bill

  9. Vic, What a wonderful, extraordinary clip you have privileged us with!
    Thank you for sharing. It’s a great reminder of the many blessings we have and how God has given us so many gifts that we have not tapped into yet. How encouraging! Donna

  10. We certainly can do anything or try anything if we put our mind to it. It’s our mindset that stops us from achieving and this video oputs it all into perspective. It is us that is stoppping us from being successful. I can and will succeed

  11. Its a wonderful story, very remarkable. I love reading about the positive aspects of life now. I used to be very negative and have always put myself down because of some personal limitations I imposed on myself. Yet after joining one of the network marketing group-it has taught me tons of information and have leant heaps of knowlege on how to grow to be our best.

    Thanks again for sharing this story of Ben…It reminds me of a similar story I read about very recently of someone from Bulgaria who was born and was afflicted with polio from his young age. It didnt deter him but made hime more determined to study more to become somebody. He now teaches at the Bugema University in Bulgaria and heads up an organisation to help those with special needs.

  12. What I just saw is amazing and Ben’s achievements are remarkable they make us people with all our senses intact ashamed of ourselves for not appreciating them . It certainly is an eye opener for all of us . And the greatest credit of course goes to his mother for believing in him and not being ashamed of him .

  13. This video reminded me the saying when there is will there is a way. what a wonderfull child she is…

  14. Amazing! Definitely REDUCES the excuses I can make! Inspiring what only attitude can engender in a person.

  15. Its all the works of Great God Jesus who gives Ben the wisdom he needs. I thank God for Ben and will pray for Ben to do Great things in future

  16. makes me realise much we limit our natural abilities and take all our senses for granted. I am truly grateful for my sight and i know i need to see more
    thank you

  17. What an amazing vidio,a great example of a mother who would not accept that nothing is impossible much like napoleon hills son with his hearing

  18. there are ways of breaking through any barriers,the power of the mind is an awsome thing

  19. I am totally amazed, without the video I would never beleive what he is able to do. Which is everything. More than we (people who can see) ever be able to do.

  20. What an amazing story. Attitude is everything and this young man shows what can be done when you don’t put any limits on yourself. Starting today I am going to take his example and remove all limits from my thinking. He is 14 and I am 57, but he is the teacher!

  21. Fantastic. More people in the world need to see this. He is the ultimate example of attitude in a positive light. I pray that he never “gets down” as so many of our youth do. He could teach us all, how to live better lives.

  22. This is certainly an awesome young man! He is the very epitome of the scripture that says that “All things are possible to him that believes”

    I will certainly take this as an example that I want to follow and stop letting my mind keep me from succeeding in what ever I want to accomplish.!!!

  23. It was like a joke for me to watch Ben doing all those things without the help of any body.there is ths saying that “they can imprison you but nobody can imprison your power of imagination” Ben has shown me that nomatter how difficult the situation may look like there is always a hope for the future if only we see thet possibilities in the difficulties of life.we must always look beyond the current situations that we see ourselves in and concentrate on the future possibilities of our live before we can take what belongs to us.MIKE MURDORCK said the world will give way to the man who knows where he is going in life.

  24. Very inspiring–a truly remarkable story. We the non-disabled can learn something from this.

  25. Wow! This guy is great. As a cancer survivor, I am inspired and motivated to take an inventory of my own attitude. Thank you for sharing his story.

  26. Excellent excellent testimony.
    Ben will be a very successful individual because of his positive & 100% great attitude.
    Attitude is everything.
    God bless his wonderful supportive mum.
    He has a dream to be successful & he works at it.
    Truely amazing for us all to know that we can achieve what we want to do in life if we have the mind to do it.

  27. Great, remarkable young man and a very strong and courageous mother. This is the type of attitude we should all have that there is nothing that we cannot do. Especially since we are equipped with all of our senses. Thank you for this encouragement.

    “Man can only (do or) become what he is able to consciously imagine.”
    -Dane Rudhyar

  28. This is a fabulous story. I am going to forward it on to our Mankato West High School Hockey Coach, in Mankato, MN. This MOM is a GOD-SEND! Every parent should be like her! What an inspiration to us all!

    Beverly Glaser

  29. I really felt inspired to see the story of Ben. He is a living testimony to humankind that it is possible if only we really want it. May his mother be blessed. Thank you Ben for the inspiration i have drawn from you.

  30. Totally Awesome! Thank you for sharing Ben’s story! Of all the important tasks I want to complete this week…I’m inspired to not only get them done…but to do an exceptional job with each one. Ben shares the incredible power we have. It’s a beautiful reminder. I’m grateful he and his mom shared this story. Wow!

  31. The Story is so touching! It just tells you that being Blind or handicap!

    IT’s not the end of the world. you can do any thig that you put your mind to. The story was mind blowing! thank you so much.

  32. Ben and his mother are living what most people will not even try to acheive and his mom (Aquinetta is one of greatest motivational speaker/person I have ever seen…no doubt!!)….this video should be available for anyone who “thinks” they cannot create the world they want! Thanks God for giving us this message in Ben and his mother!

  33. Hello,
    A true inspiration. I can, have, become anything I desire! Thanks for the reminder–sometimes I let life stuff get in the way. Today, I changed my attitude and let whatever comes my way OK. An action, a word or a video comes just at the right moment.

    Thanks so much!

  34. I wish to purchase this video to use it in leadership seminars that I give to 3rd world people. Please let me know how can I do that. Thanks

  35. I am in absolute amazement of what you have accomplished and still doing so.You are such an inspiration to others. You would be a great teacher for other children who have ended up with the same problem. You cannot say that you are handicapped because you definitely are not that at all. You are better at all of the things than a person who has vision. You are such a remarkable person. Good for you for not ever giving up and live the rest of your life with that same confidence and you will go far in this world.

  36. Dear All,
    Its the spirit of human life that has lead Ben to oversome what others would call a disability. Hats off to every one including Ben who did not lose hope in adversity and has conquered the world with his imagination.


  37. What a phenomenal, exemplary life this young man now lives because of his mom’s belief………..she chose to not shelter him and allowed him to soar, in spite of his “physical” blindness……..it is the greatest gift she could ever have given him………..it will serve him well for the rest of his life………….I would be thrilled to meet both of them……….I am in awe………….

  38. This is simply amazing. I believe Ben has left a word for millions of young men and women to believe that that can be who they want to be in life no matter the challenges we face in our lives. This young man has conquered failure by his positive attitude and this should encourage lots of tenagers, and other men and women out there.

    Ben, you are simply splendid. Thank you for encouraging us. May God increase and bless you.

  39. This story is awesome … truly inspiring! And humbling! What a wonderful mother and son!

    A supreme example for us all. Thankyou for putting this up on the web – everyone should see it!

  40. This is truly amazing. It shows that empowerment, faith, courage and blessings (among other things) can make what we perceive as the impossible, possible.

    Continued blessing to the family.

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