What’s your excuse?

Ben Underwood plays killer foosball and is an absolute master of video games. But so are a lot of 14-year-olds.

Except Ben is blind.

Watch this video and maybe you’ll see that the limitations you think you have, really aren’t limitations after all….

83 thoughts on “What’s your excuse?”

  1. This piece is amazing and has rightly desmonstrated that anything is possible. The only thing that can limit us is ourselves, and this lies in our mentality.


  2. This video is something that oozes positivity and laughs in the face of the word impossible. Watching this video alone can make oneself feel indestructible and burst with powerful energy. The mind is truely the most amazing thing in existance, no doubt about it. The boy in this video deserves a medal, not just for what he does for himself, but what motivation and determination he has to offer all people around him. We could all benefit in some way by watching this video.

  3. HIs Mom is a phenominal mom!!!! If she had coddled him- he would feel sorry for himself and not have the confidence and ability that he has today.
    HURRAY!!! for Mom!!!

  4. Wonderful! This story of Ben is very inspiring. My own problems seem so trivial. Ben shows what you can achieve with a positive attitude and what you can achieve when you believe in it.

  5. inspirational…just wish we could see more of this type of accomplishments rather than the Hollywood trash.this young man is an inspiration to all and this is what we should be trying to instill in our young people rather than Jen/Brad, Madonna, etc. plus don’t leave out the politicians

  6. what an awe inspiring story of Ben is. Truly a hero to our world, showing a high spirit against the mighty odds of life. God bless Ben & his family. Hope todays young generation will take a leaf from Bens life & learn to lead the world for better tomorrow. I salute Ben & his family!

  7. That kid is AWESOME AND UNSTOPPABLE. Whatever he decides to do in life, he will be very successful because he has the RIGHT ATTITUDE. GOD BLESS HIM AND HIS AWESOME MOM. YOU HAVE TAKEN AWAY ALL EXCUSES FOR EVERYBODY.

  8. The mother especially needs to be awarded or spotlighted, because that takes patience, trust, and excellent guidance to be such a postive person for her as well as for Ben. Much props to both of them and I hope Ben chooses a career that people can cherish his talent!

  9. Precious mom and son souls indeed. Here to lead the way for others in similar circumstances. God Bless the trailblazers, they shall touch millions.
    Inspiration to us all.

    Rebekah Edney

  10. Very very encouraging and unbelievable. I definately appreciate the thought of taking video clipping and sharing with rest ofthe world for the benefit of all

  11. This was an excellent example of unrestrained ability and positive reinforcement of the desire to do what you set your mind to do.

  12. I subscribe to People magazine and remember this story of Ben Underwood. I actually started to cry. So much emotion came over me when I thought about his mother. She is truly an inspiration to all of us. She turned this little boy into a powerhouse by simply being a positive force in his life. She represents the mother figure that all women (and men) should look to as a manual on how to raise your children to be healthy and happy and to show them that there is nothing in this world that you cannot do if you put your mind to it. No doubt he will turn into a fine young man as well. Thank you for sharing this with the world, more people need to see this.

  13. This phenomenal video provides further evidence that all things are possible in this magnificent universe that God has created, while extending LIFE to us as CO-creators to build the kingdom of God, “on earth, as in heaven.” Indeed, God has chosen this wonderful, positive mother to extend or project her positive attitude on to her son. “What a mighty God we serve.”

  14. Wonderful, This proves that we can do all things through Christ that strengthen us. No excuse at all. I am moved and challenged by this. Ben you are unique and wonderfully made by God for a purpose. May God bless your mum for her positive attitude.

  15. That is simply amazing and I am so glad to see such a wondewful attitude from Ben and his Mom a huge pat and the back to both of you.

  16. What an example! I will remember this boy every time I’m tempted to complain. God bless him and his mum.

  17. Hey Ben I think that you are inspiration to millions and even to me.And I am only 12 and I live in Indianapolis , Indiana and I think that you have a great attuide. You kind of remin me of the book Kyle Maynard : No Excusses to Life at all. He is a young boy who was born with some disabilities like you and there is totally nothing wrong with that. With no arms and no legs and he was a US wrestling champion . Again your story is so increadible to me and my dad. My dad is impressed with your story. That is great you can do everything that a average kid can do. I am in to baseball and that is my passion , what is your favorite game or sport? Once again great story and my name is Cody Mills and please e-mail me back at codykelsey2@scbglobal.net .

    See Ya
    Cody Mills of Indianapolis,Indiana

  18. To whom it may concern
    I’m very impressed when I first watched this incredible young man. I love to have a copy of this video. Would you mind sharing in form of video clip? I’d like to keep it and watch it whenever I feel down.
    Thanks in advance.


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