Time to Think Big!

Think Big MagazineEconomic crisis have you frozen with fear and anxiety about the future? Now is no time to sit on your hands and pine for the good old days. Now is the time to Think Big! There’s a great Australian magazine (with print and online versions) that will help you do that. This month features a cover story on Bob Proctor and yours truly also has an article in the current issue. It’s also got a Recession Busting Guide as well as articles by Kim Kiyosaki, Loral Langemeier and Chris Howard to name a few. Get a free online subscription here….

2 thoughts on “Time to Think Big!”

  1. This is a great little magazine. I love the ability to read it just like a real magazine but online as well. Bob Proctor is a hero of mine. His advice to read “Think and Grow Rich” and understand the Universal Laws has TOTALLY changed my life.

  2. Great post, in fact if I may add to this. i wrote recently about the recession.
    I basically said that the more we repeat and remind ourselves of the recession, the more it will come true. I also mentioned that what if recession is not real, but merely a word that we put specific meaning to and now we let it ruin us.

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