It’s Not What You Are That Holds You Back

One of my favorite Denis Waitley quotes is “it’s not what you are that holds you back. It’s what you think you’re not.”

I’ve often said that we have an unhealthy preoccupation with such conditions as ADD (attention deficit disorder), ADHD and dyslexia. Too many people believe those conditions are the cause of what’s holding them back.

Now comes a great article in Business Week that is actually titled “Why Dyslexics Make Great Entrepreneurs.”

Is it true? Ask billionaire Richard Branson, Kinko’s founder Paul Orfalea (he has dsylexia AND ADHD), Charles Schwab and other famous entrepreneurs and CEOs.

Ironically, instead of being a hindrance, these conditions are actually “gifts.” Read the full story for some great insight and inspiration…
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2 thoughts on “It’s Not What You Are That Holds You Back”

  1. Hello…

    I can so relate to this post! I don’t have ADD, dyslexia or ADHD… but I do have a condition that could easily have been a hindrance for me achieving anything in my life — especially if I had listened to those in authority.

    I was born with SMA, have always been in a wheelchair and required heaps of assistance with all my physical needs. In my growing up years, teachers really didn’t think I would do anything other than stay home so they gave me little encouragement to make plans. When I did apply to go to university, I was told by the acting head of department that I was only on probation — he made it very clear to me that I wouldn’t survive the pace of study and university life. A couple of years later, he actually told me that he had underestimated me — yeah… he got that right! I left Uni with a masters degree and I’m a psychologist.

    And what’s my point?? Well, it’s very easy to see the limitations and “handicap” (I actually detest that word) in others and in ourselves… but those people who do have challenges, so often use it as a huge motivating force to get on in life and not be defined by those so-called handicaps.

    Everybody has a story, and everybody has challenges. It’s what you decide to do with your story and challenges that makes you the person you are.

    Excuse my rambling!


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