Three Steps to Instant Success

My friend, Dr. Philip Humbert, is one of the most insightful writers I know. His current message to his subscribers is a great example of his insight:

This week I reviewed some notes I took at a Seminar with Jim Rohn several years ago, and one of Jim’s many amazing insights jumped out at me. Jim has helped thousands of people reach their goals and I want to share just one of the KEY pieces that impressed me.

I was reminded that success is based on a simple 3-step process:

>>> First — What We See

I’m told that the average American sees over 3000 marketing messages every day. They are everywhere! Fortunately, we have learned to ignore the vast majority of them.

In the same way, at this very moment you are breathing, you are sitting on a chair, and a there are a thousand things going on around you that your brain automatically filters out to let you concentrate. Our ability to “filter” allows us to survive! If we couldn’t do that, we would be over-whelmed and unable to function.

Out of all that “data” around us, we select a few things to notice and care about. We respond to a baby’s cry. We answer a ringing telephone. We focus on our bank statement, our bills, a lover’s touch and so forth, and this is important – high achievers focus on (“see”) things differently than failures!

High achievers literally do not “see” the television programs others find captivating! High achievers “see” opportunities others miss. They “see” solutions others ignore.

What you “see” or focus on determines your destiny.

>>> Second — How We Interpret What We See

Shakespeare observed that nothing is “good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” Most people know the story about the glass that is either “half-full” or “half-empty.” Everything we “see” is interpreted and the only difference is that winners constantly interpret life in ways that work to their advantage.

Where one person interprets a slumping economy as threatening their business, another finds an opportunity for growth. Where one person sees a problem, another seizes opportunity.

Winners view things differently. They grasp solutions, seize opportunities and find reasons for optimism.

>>> Third — What We DO About What We See

Everything comes down to action. Peak performers actually DO get up a bit earlier, stay a bit later, and work harder (and smarter) than other people. In the end, our lives are not created by our intentions but by the results of our daily activities.

Now, it is true that our actions are shaped by many things! Of course painful experiences and mis-fortune and bad luck play a part. Let’s not kid ourselves. But the most important influences on our daily actions are (1) what we see, (2) how we interpret what we see, and (3) how we respond.

The steps to success begin by surrounding ourselves with things that move us forward. Read great books! Listen to great audio programs! Get around smart, talented, creative people! If you see stress and trouble every day, you will be influenced by it. If you see opportunity and optimism, if you see determination and courage and hope, you will inevitably be shaped by these things.

Here are two practical applications of these truths:

1. I no longer subscribe to a daily newspaper. For many years I was addicted to it, but then I noticed that starting my day with 20 minutes of trouble and controversy was not creating the life I wanted. So I took action, canceled our subscription and now I read something more useful.

2. Every week, I work with a personal coach who reminds me of my values and goals. Every year, I attend at least two personal development seminars. I hang out where the GOOD stuff and the GREAT people are!

Invest in your future. Get where the GOOD stuff is!


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4 thoughts on “Three Steps to Instant Success”

  1. Vic, Thanks
    We always need to be reminded to keep out eyes open to new ideas, new opportunities, spend time with high acievers and do something good with what we see and digest.
    Some times we get so tied up with life and don’t pay attention to what we need to look out for.
    I need to print this out for a daily reminder.

  2. Successful people have discovered that subtle ‘something’ that enables them to overcome adversity. When an unexpected change occurs, they do not perceive it as a problem; they welcome it as an opportunity for more success.

    Because of this, they are emotionally secure, in control; they listen to their instincts and are at harmony with themselves. They are patient, knowing that sometimes things may take longer to achieve, but they know that they will achieve them.

    Their motivating force is the desire to succeed, having faith in their actions and because of their tenacity, they will never, ever give up; they do not believe in failure. Successful people have a deep urge to make progress, achieve their goals and to fulfil their dreams.

    They have a vision which inspires them to grow and at the same time motivate and contribute to other peoples lives. Successful people are very optimistic, full of energy and naturally healthy in body and mind.

  3. Hi there! It’s remarkable how winners see things differently. They don’t give up no matter what because they know things are bound to get brighter. Failure is only delayed success after all. I think one of the most wonderful traits about consistent winners is that they don’t take failures too seriously. I mean they don’t dwell on them and blame themselves or whoever over and over again. Instead, they move forward and make a pledge to do better or to avoid making the same mistake again.

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