Dream lofty dreams, and as you dream…

“Dream lofty dreams, and as you dream, so shall you become.”
As A Man Thinketh

Aviva, one of our Champions Club alumni, sent me an incredible video that really brings to life this powerful quote of James Allen’s.

Paul Potts was a cell-phone salesman who dreamed of spending his life “doing what I feel I was born to do.” Watch him as he takes a huge step toward that dream.

WARNING: This video may cause goose bumps and even tears. Watch at your own risk…and then get your dream out…polish it off….and put it back on the mantle so you see it every day.

45 thoughts on “Dream lofty dreams, and as you dream…”

  1. Fantastic! Paul Potts is amazing. We’re lucky he’s been discovered. Thanks for the link, Vic.

  2. This is all over the internet. on You Tube etc, and so it should be. but I never tire of watching it, I know how it ends, so I won’t spoil it for anyone. Well done Paul Potts. And thanks Vic for another look at this incedible talent.

  3. Hi Vic

    I have seen this wonderful video and yes Paul is truly amazing and will go a long way with his voice. I certainly could sit and listen to him all day! as could many others.

    There are so many beautiful people in this world who have so much potential and have yet to realise it.

    I have yet to utilise my full potential, I’m working on it.


  4. WOW!!! I am absolutely blown away by this! What an incredible inspiration this man is to all of us!! This video gave me goose bumbs AND tears! I had to watch it again!

  5. Thanks for this Vic, I had missed this program – wow you were certainly right about the tears …. what an inspiration, what a voice.

  6. Amazing… gives me goosebumps and brings me to tears every time i see this… hope he keeps going…. c

  7. Dear Paul, you not only have a wonderful voice but you sing from your soul, thank you.
    I have watched this video five times and weep every time.

  8. The Dream is the reason for doing whatever it is you do in life.
    I watch this and see him transform before my eyes. He is doing what he was always meant to do.
    Thank you for this Vic!

  9. THANK YOU…I saw only a bit of this on the news as I seldom watch this program. Each time I see it over again I shed tears of JOY for Paul and for all of us….
    Walk toward your vision and the Universe will open the doors and push your vision toward you! Thanks again. Conita

  10. What a wonderful example of sheer godgiven talent! I’m thinking about Russel Conway’s Acres of Diamond! I wonder if his workmates had any idea of his talent?!
    I get goosebumps and tears in my eyes watching this wonderful video!
    Thank you for bringing this to our attention, Vic!!

  11. Dear Paul,
    What an incredible inspiration you are. I’ve sent this to my friends and family. Keep on. Your example lifts all our spirits. Thank you so much.

  12. Oh my….yes, his voice, my tears and all, but I especially like the grace with which he handles himself. The little sigh as he steps out of his dream and then awaits the verdict, his subsequent smile and relief brought happiness to my heart.
    I imagine for Paul parts in the biggest and best operas! The world is more beautiful when he sings….

  13. I can’t imagine how many people like Paul, that either
    have or have not discovered the music or talent
    within themselves. Than cannot find the ability or the
    confidence to come forward and try. Not only
    what they have missed out on, but the world as well.

  14. There is so much of what is good in human potential demonstrated in this clip. Oh that such could become the focus of mainstream media rather than the inverse as at present!

  15. Dear Vic,

    I’ve watched this clip a dozen times since I received it and I’ve had goosebumps along with tears every time! Paul Potts sings from his soul and he is definitely incredible inspiration. Thank you for sharing this with us.



  17. I can’t tell you how many times I watched each and every video in progression. I couldn’t stop. Every time I might feel a little down I am going to watch it. My desire to feel and see his singing and the sheer joy I felt through every fiber of my being as I watched, will be something I will repeat over and over and over again. This has opened my eyes to opera. A music I never had cared for. I will await with anticipation, his CD. P.S. I have never seen Simon smile before, much less at a contestant.

  18. Hay Vic,

    Thank you so much for sharing that… its got to be one of the first videos i have actually watched again after viewing! it was amazing and so heart worming… what an inspiration to hear Paul sing and show everyone what is possible if you but your whole self into it. I am sure he will be the next Pavarotti and he deserves it! Car phone warehouse down one i think!

    All the best

  19. Vic,
    THANK YOU for posting this video. This young man not only has an angelic face, but a voice to go with it.
    What is incredible is the with all the ‘demons’ he was battling in regard to self-confidence, he became a MAN by taking the Initiative and breaching that ‘wall’ risking, only to discover the ‘wonderful gift’ he brought to himself and others.

  20. As I run an Internet Based Business at http://www.thisisbreeze.com showing people how to achieve their dreams the fact that Paul Potts is from Cardiff highlights that dreams start at home. His ability to rise above his own belief in himself is a testament to the ability of the human spirit to reach for and grasp the stars. I shall show every one of my clients his ambition overcame his doubts and the World is a better place for it. We all have tears in our eyes after watching his performance and are uplifted for it. Here is an extraordinary ordinary guy who has touched people around the World, not just with his amazing talent but with his amazing courage. TY. Paul Potts. I hope one day to say this in person as I live near Cardiff myself.

  21. Paul has a very unique ability to move people when he sings because he was singing from his spirit and not his mind. He had no formal training. He was lucky enough to know this is what he was born to do, his purpose and calling. Do we all know what our purpose is on this earth???

  22. make me very proud to be a Welshman, one of the mosy amazing people I have ever seen

  23. It was wonderfull, such and inspiration, he sings completilly from the bottom of the heart.

    God bless him

  24. to me, this is especially indicative of someone who combined his dream with action. He didn’t get that good hoping he could sing some day, all the while accepting his “day job” as reality. He worked within the framework of his “current reality” and continued to grow his talent, until the opportunity dropped into his lap. If he had not continued to sing, to perfect his talent, when this type of show had come along, he would have been in the audience, with the rest of us, saying, I wish I could do that. Congratulations to him and I hope many of us see how we have to continue honing our craft–whatever it is–so when our big chance comes, we are ready. Action = Attraction.

  25. Awesome!!! The richness, depth and height that Paul has in his voice is phenomenal and exquisite to hear. Thank God and all heaven that he found the courage to sing out and give us all such a wonderous gift and one that I will be listening out for again and again. His very soul is in his voice, face and eyes as it touches everyone that hears and sees him sing. The connection between him and everyone who hears him goes profoundly deep inside. A truly wonderous gift and talent!! Thank you Vic for sharing this with us.

  26. This is an astonishing performance which definitely exemplifies that we have a two choices everyday, that we can either, live under your fears or live up to your dreams. Being an entrepreneur and sparing heading several projects, doesn’t come without fears but just like Paul, somethings you have to feel the fear and do it anyway. Because the universe can only answer you call, when you choice to live up to your dreams and as in this case when Sing out Loud.
    Paul, just in case this gets back to you, just want you to know that you Rock!

    Capre Diem!

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  27. I like the very encouraging and super-generous comments of the judges which went with Paul’s genuinely powerful and incredibly beautiful voice and unique interpretation of the piece (not to mention the truly brave big step involved in making the desire of his heart a fulfilled reality)…. My sincere appreciations for sharing this wonderful video…!


  28. When and how soon? I mean, I really need to be able to buy this wonderful man’s First CD?! He is the reincarnation of Pavarotti! Thank you for posting this video! Love you all who are involved in this Divine Talent Search! Love to All, Sherry

  29. I started to cry immediately, my body chilled up with goose bumps. Always following your dreams, in one way or another they will come true.

  30. Everytime I see this video is brings joyful tears to my eyes, I am so amazed by the quality of this man Paul Potts voice it leaves me feeling so amazing and in awe everytime.
    Thank you for letting us experience greatness everyday!
    He is an angel and can’t not say enough about him and his voice!

  31. Hello Vic,
    I have a low speed ISP. So I want to know whether there is any mp3 format which I could download. I can guess that the video is worthy watching.
    This morning I was listening to your call to Mr. Godard, It was fantastic.
    I wish good moments of life for u

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