What’s your excuse — part two?

Nino Savona has a condition that keeps millions of people from living life on their own terms. But Nino doesn’t see the disability he’s had since he was eight-years-old like other people do. Take a few minutes now to read an excellent story about Nino by my friend and champion natural body builder Tom Venuto. It just might give you a different outlook on whatever “disability” you’re dealing with today…

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2 thoughts on “What’s your excuse — part two?”

  1. Nino is amazing what an achievement….I have coached paralympions
    and I know how much work goes into the training.
    Fantastic…well done…I salute you

  2. Wow! This guy is really amazing.He truly is a role model in today’s
    “I can’t Society”. People say I can’t do this or that because of fear or they focus to much on their own limitation and forget that God’s Word says in Piliphians 4:13 that …”I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”.

    Thansks Nino and all the best in your body building carrier!


    Malcolm Laris
    Papua New Guinea

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