SHAM is a sham!

CNNI don’t know about you, but self-help and personal development literally saved my life. Having been evicted from my home and losing my last automobile among other things, I shudder to think where I could have turned if it hadn’t been for self-help.

Now along comes some hungry author (who didn’t have any problem when he himself was making money in self-help) and writes a book called “SHAM: How the Self-Help Movement Made America helpless.” Fortunately, when CNN’s Anderson Cooper interviewed him, he got another opinion from Mark Victor Hansen, co-creator of the famed Chicken Soup series. And Mark did an incredible job in the interview demonstrating how self help/personal development is serving the greater good of humanity.

The book should be re-titled SHAME, and it’s all on Steve Salerno, who helps no one but himself.

You can watch part of the interview here… (scroll down the page to the CNN logo).

2 thoughts on “SHAM is a sham!”

  1. It takes all types of people to make this WORLD. Let us look at the positive side of the world and keep on learning.

  2. Great comment Vijay – and u’re the best Vic! Its because of this great TRUTH or as other people call it self-help – I’m where i am and going where I want. Vijay said it the best – it takes all types of people to make this world – just like in the science of getting rich – we should not complain about negative people as they are playing their part to help YOU get what you want in life – thank the universe for all these negative people and things as they make me focus even more harder on my vision and my faith in my purpose – thanks for sharing this truth Vic, Bob, Wallace all you seekers and word spreader of a better life! Nature is definitely friendly to our plans 🙂 Hold your vision – Keep the faith – Stay determined – and the most beautiful of all – GRATITUDE – FOR EVERYTHING!!!

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