Rain on your parade

Rose ParadeIt hasn’t rained at the world-famous Tournament of Roses Parade in more than 50 years. On January 2, 2006 it rained enough for all fifty years put together. I know — I was there for every rain-slogged moment. The front row seats in the same section as the television networks was eagerly anticipated, but I had no idea my “rain gear” could hold so much water — and that it would be so cold.

But it was hard to think about how bad I had it when I looked at the multitudes of parade participants, many in skimpy clothing, who braved the weather as they gamely marched the five and half miles along the parade route. Not one looked like they were affected by the weather, and the USC Trojans marching band made an even bolder statement — they wore sunglasses 🙂

The thought occurred to me that as you go through life there are people and circumstances that literally “rain on your parade.” But in the end, it’s not the rain that matters, but whether you march on or not.

3 thoughts on “Rain on your parade”

  1. Valauable lesson here. Far too many times we tend to drop off when there is some form of misfortune. Winners in life tend to PROCEED whatever the cost.

    The sport arena is an excellent place where I have noticed this phenomenon. Nicol David, the World No. 1 in women squash is a perfect example.

    Keep Moving People.


  2. My grand-daughter was one of those marching proudly in that Parade. She’s a colorguard member of the Prospect High Marching Blue Knights of Mount Prospect, Illinois. She made the trip to Pasedena with the band and their director, who has lead them to the Governor’s trophy for 23 years in a row. He is retiring this year as his last child also graduates from Prospect. As she has the experience of marching in the Macy’s parade as a freshman, the Hollywood Christmas parade as a junior and this year the Rose parade as a senior not only am I proud of her and her mother but proud that we live in a society where children are able to make this accomplishments in peace and that no rain holds them back. We should all do the same for our golas and our lives. I also thank you so much for all of the inspriation that I get from you.

  3. Dee, I remember seeing the Prospect High band! What great memories for your granddaughter that no amount of rain could ever wash away!

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