Conquer Fear!

“He who has conquered doubt and fear has conquered failure.” – As A Man Thinketh

I have come to believe that the greatest diseases of mankind are doubt and fear. That’s not to lessen the seriousness of some of our other afflictions, but doubt and fear rob more people of more life than all the other diseases of the world put together.

Why do I think they’re diseases? Well they’re acquired, we weren’t born with them. They’re communicable – much of the time they’re passed from one person to the next. But even more clear is the Merriam-Webster dictionary which says a disease is “a condition of the living animal…that impairs normal functioning.” Sounds like fear and doubt to me.

Doubt keeps us from going for the promotion that we certainly would have gotten had we gone for it; from asking for the big order that the next person got because they asked; from making positive and long lasting changes in our life because they “rock the boat.”

Fear causes us to make weak and irrational decisions that sell out our future for the sake of today. It takes our happiness, our sleep, our very life.

For the “patient” who finally admits they have a disease, there are cures for doubt and fear.

In her outstanding book, Conquer Fear!, Lisa Jimenez lists “The Seven Truths” that can help us overcome fear:

“Truth #1
Fear is the dominant problem in your life today.

Truth #2
Fear is a gift that was instilled in you as a means of protection and a way to bring you closer to God.

Truth #3
When you run from or deny your fear, you leave the gift unopened.

Truth #4
When your fear of success or fear of failure is exposed, you break through their control over you.

Truth #5
Your belief system is the driving force behind your behaviors and your results.

Truth #6
Your everyday habits are broadcasting your belief system, your fear, and your unmet needs loud and clear.

Truth #7
Change your beliefs and you change your behaviors.
Change your behaviors and you change your results.
Change your results and you change your life.”

And that’s worth thinking about.