The secret to lasting change

Here’s some excellent wisdom from John Assaraf, author of The Street Kid’s Guide to Having It All:

Things like your weight, your appearance, and the amount of money you make are expressions of a deep-rooted mental image. If you want to make permanent change on the outside, you must first retrain the internal mental images that automatically control your perceptions and behaviors.

You already know that willpower and persistence don’t work long term. That’s because they’re controlled by your conscious mind, which accounts for only 2 to 4 percent of your actions and perceptions. Here’s the good news: You also have an unconscious, “cybernetic trigger” in your brain that works exactly like the thermostat in your home. Just as a thermostat is set to a certain temperature and automatically makes corrections to maintain it, your cybernetic trigger is set to a certain mental image and takes appropriate actions to maintain it.

To make lasting change, you must create a new internal image of your desired goal, then you must condition your brain to see it. If you don’t like your current weight or income, for example, you must break the old patterns and the old conditioning that’s causing them. You must create a new image and reinforce it in your mind. It takes 30 days of everyday practice to retrain your brain and make a permanent change. The good news is that you can’t get a brain hernia if you overdo it! Once a new habit is ingrained in your brain, you’ll behave automatically to maintain that new internal image.

Application of Knowledge

Start with these 3 simple actions every day for the next 30 days:

1. Get absolutely clear on the outcome you want to achieve. Write it down.

2. Replay in your head having already achieved your outcome. See all the benefits. Imagine what you would be doing, who would be impacted, what conversations you would be having, and how you would feel. Spend 5 to 10 minutes fully in this experience every morning upon waking, and again just before bed.

3. Reaffirm the following affirmation as many times as you can daily: “I now have everything I need to accomplish all of my business and personal goals. Abundance is my birthright and I accept it NOW.”

4 thoughts on “The secret to lasting change”

  1. VIC,

  2. Thanks for all the motivational messages that you have been sending to me.
    It guards my moves and activate the in built strenght of mine.
    The positive impact in my life has been extend to others.

  3. Vic,
    you inspire me with your thoughts and your blog. You have such positive vibe that I can even feel it from 10.000 miles away
    God bless you.

  4. Just a little note about time frame. As Tony Robbins described in his books, while he was developing his skills he booked himself to speak as often as he could, to anyone who would listen. Thus he gained the equivalent experience.
    I recently had a challenge that I’m using that very principal to deal with.
    I’ve gained the eqivalent of twenty-four days reconditioning by spending ten minutes every hour to meet this challenge.
    Yes my circumstances are unique, and I have the time. But I suggest to those out there that want speed in their change to look for moments they can steal (ie: waiting in line, sitting in waiting rooms, even waiting for that lazy lift truck driver to take the skid away,etc.)
    The results are well worth it.
    Thanks for all the inspiration. Have an AWESOME DAY!

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