The Power of Gratitude

We give thanks for the power of gratitudeAccording to Maia Szalavitz, writing for MSN Health & Fitness, “If you sleep like a log, you probably have an attitude of gratitude. A study of 161 people published in the Journal of Psychosomatic Research found that those who focus on what they have—not what they lack—fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly. Grateful people are also less tired and more functional during the day.

“Why would being grateful affect your sleep? The researchers found that this was related to the thoughts people had as they drifted off. Being thankful led to faster, deeper sleep.

“People who are feeling more grateful are less tense and anxious, because the two are incompatible,” says Norah Vincent Ph.D. “A mental state like that at bedtime would be helpful for your sleep.”

And gratitude does a lot more for you than just helping you get a good night’s sleep. Study after study has confirmed that people who practice an attitude of gratitude are likely to live longer, are happier people and enjoy better health.

While Thanksgiving is a time when we pause to give thanks, it should really be a daily (and even hourly) practice. It’s probably the single biggest thing I’ve ever done to create constant happiness in my life.

This Thanksgiving we again give thanks for all we’ve been blessed with, especially for all of our great subscribers around the world. Here’s a special message, “The Power of Gratitude,” featuring our friend Jeff Keller. The link is only temporary so download it as soon as possible — and listen to it now!

Happy Thanksgiving!


This message is part of Jeff’s outstanding Attitude is Everything program.

Why not leave your thoughts of what you are grateful for by clicking the comments button below. Putting your gratefulness in writing is even more powerful!!

11 thoughts on “The Power of Gratitude”

  1. I am greatful that I had Prostate Cancer, I learned about Cantron and got rid of the Cancer. I am greatful my dog has Cancer, giving me a chance to become closer and support her in her challenge. I am greatful I changed my diet and and lost 60 pounds of unneeded weight.

  2. Dear Vic Johnson,

    I thank you for this article. It was the first thing I opened this morning in my e-mail and the message of gratitude resonated deeply in my heart.

    You do a great and important service. Living in Denmark, Europe, I learned about you not before this year 2010 and ordered a collection of between 10 and 20 CDs. The best thing with that delivery was your bonus CD with affirmations read by you. I would like to order them to give to friends. But can I order them?

    I love that CD and am going to listen to it until I have changed my results substantially. They help me improve my self image. I need to become the person that attract the things, conditions, people I desire, to enable me manifesting physically the great goal I envision and become a co-creator with the Grand Creator.

    Once again, I love what you serve and send you lots of grateful love, hoping one day to co-operating with you great people in what the Danes call “God’s own Country”.

    With love

    Undine Dannenberg
    Permaculture consultant, Teacher, authorized translator and interpreter of English and Danish, public speaker, author etc.

  3. I am grateful for all your inspiring messages sent to me. Often time, those messages help me through the particular day. It is a wonderful job you are doing, I pary the Lord see you through and endow you with more wisdom. Bravo

  4. Thank you for sharing this! Just last night I wrote about being grateful for the ability to see in color. Several of the things Jeff mentioned I am grateful for and realize are blessings – especially the indoor plumbing! 😉

    I started a gratitude journal about 4 years ago to help me focus on all the positive events in my life. It really helps to list the good stuff just before going to sleep. And, I usually sleep fairly well. It’s only when I’m stressed that I have trouble sleeping (or when the weather changes and I ache) – and after reading the quote above, I noticed that most of my stress is from focusing on what is wrong.

    Thank you Vic, the Claim Your Power Now program really helped me have a happier, more productive life. I appreciate that!

    Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone!!

  5. Thank ful for hearing this message today. God Bless you and your endeavors to help by the gift of words that have the ability to help others rise up and go from the ho-hum to bliss. I know this message helped me this morning. Thank you.
    I am lucky to have had the opportunity to hear it.

  6. A great reminder to us all! I had a slab leak this week and was so upset…. I eventually came back around and realized that I should be grateful to even have a slab to leak! And I am. ox Hugs, love and lipstick,

  7. I am extremely thankful for the free think and grow rich book. My life is already moving towards better than great state. so much thankful for the audio about gratitude and just listening to that has made my spirits go up.. I am blessed for getting an opportunity to know the power of gratitude.

  8. Hi Vic –

    As your posting stated, Thanksgiving is a thing that needs to be on a perpetual calendar, not just one day of the year! I am grateful for being a member of the Champion’s Club, an attendee at the very first Claim Your Power Now.

    I have been spreading gratitude to thousands of others via the website, and continue to be grateful for all that you do.

    Be Well.
    Paul B. Taubman, II

  9. I am grateful for knowing my creator.
    I am grateful for the life he has granted me.
    I am grateful for my purpose in life.
    I am graateful for my dear beautiful wife.
    I am grateful for my mother.
    I am grateful for my children.
    I am grateful for my brothers and sisters.
    I am grateful for my job.
    I am grateful for the languages I speak.
    I am grateful to be able to read.
    I am grateful for Vic Johnson and all the personal developments coaches.
    I am grateful to be grateful.

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