The Power of Gratitude

We give thanks for the power of gratitudeAccording to Maia Szalavitz, writing for MSN Health & Fitness, “If you sleep like a log, you probably have an attitude of gratitude. A study of 161 people published in the Journal of Psychosomatic Research found that those who focus on what they have—not what they lack—fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly. Grateful people are also less tired and more functional during the day.

“Why would being grateful affect your sleep? The researchers found that this was related to the thoughts people had as they drifted off. Being thankful led to faster, deeper sleep.

“People who are feeling more grateful are less tense and anxious, because the two are incompatible,” says Norah Vincent Ph.D. “A mental state like that at bedtime would be helpful for your sleep.”

And gratitude does a lot more for you than just helping you get a good night’s sleep. Study after study has confirmed that people who practice an attitude of gratitude are likely to live longer, are happier people and enjoy better health.

While Thanksgiving is a time when we pause to give thanks, it should really be a daily (and even hourly) practice. It’s probably the single biggest thing I’ve ever done to create constant happiness in my life.

This Thanksgiving we again give thanks for all we’ve been blessed with, especially for all of our great subscribers around the world. Here’s a special message, “The Power of Gratitude,” featuring our friend Jeff Keller. The link is only temporary so download it as soon as possible — and listen to it now!

Happy Thanksgiving!


This message is part of Jeff’s outstanding Attitude is Everything program.

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