It’s Not What You Are That Holds You Back – Part Three

During so much of our struggle we spend inordinate amounts of time focused on what we think are our shortcomings or our lack.

As Tony Melendez so beautifully proves in this video, it’s not what you don’t have that counts. It’s how you use what you do have.

It is a well-known and well-demonstrated Universal Law that whatever you focus on expands. Focus on your lack and you get more of it. Focus on your abundance, and by the same law, you must get more of it.

Watch this video and guess which one Tony focuses on:

3 thoughts on “It’s Not What You Are That Holds You Back – Part Three”

  1. Yea, that’s the purpose of life to find your place….!!! Wonderful, he find
    it, do we?
    Thanks Vic.

  2. Once again a fabulous example of overcoming the odds. Hard to think you have it bad or feel overwhelmed running into obstacles when you see such a wonderful role model like Tony Melendez. I appreciated his observation on finding peace in your heart. Kinda like Bob Proctor when he says you don’t have to slow down you just have to calm down…Thanks,Vic.

  3. Worth mentioning that Tony said he didn’t realize he was different and didn’t have arms when he was younger. Wasn’t until other kids made fun of him that reality hit. I’ve heard it said that every child is an artist until someone tells that child that he/she is not. Limiting words spoken to one another impose limitations on the receiver as well as on the speaker. (I sure hope the mentalities of those speakers have changed.) Rather than focusing on outward gain, Tony’s inward focus and humility caused him to be esteemed to a position of honor when he performed in front of the Pope. Living out of convictions and not circumstances allowed him to recognize and obtain gifts God had for him . . . “strength, family and music”. The story is not significant simply because Tony is a gifted guitar player without arms, but because of the quality of the person that he is that has influenced and blessed many. Vic said earlier on what really counts, “It’s how you use what you do have”. Tony, like us, has spiritual, intellectual and emotional levels to operate from. This man has sought after God’s heart first and found peace and fulfillment within as well as noteworthy recognition and influence without. Recognizing his spiritual birthright, Tony was mentally geared in the right direction to unleash the passion for a purpose driven life which led him to music which – in his own words – has brought him closer to God. Notice how Tony didn’t make his life’s purpose to work with other’s without limbs or focus on the struggles of his childhood and adult life due to his handicap. This would have been focusing on the physical and would have had limited, non-fulfilling results. Instead he took responsibility for where he was at and followed his father’s advice to do it himself.
    In conclusion, it’s about direction not perfection. Where we are headed has to settle right with #1 – our spirit. Truly as an acorn will never be an oak tree until it’s planted, we will never find rest until we’re aligned with our life’s purpose and higher calling. The question is this, where are we headed and who’s at the helm? I have been seeking all of my life for answers to thoughts and desires, but have always had a spiritual base to operate from. Many people have been seeking all of their lives, never quite content because they have no rest within their spirit. I tell you that it is possible to be content yet ambitious and to operate daily with a healthy dissatisfaction in life being the way it is. Knowing that we have been created with the ability to be creative gives us the ability to “design and live an extraordinary life”. If you don’t have the fulfillment and richness in life that Tony has then take a look at his source, consider it for yourself and believe that peace that passes all understanding and joy like you’ve never known can be yours as well.

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