It’s Never Too Late Part 5

Mae Laborde

She’s appeared on a recent episode of MADtv playing Vanna White (of Wheel of Fortune fame) forty years in the future. You may have seen her in commercials for Lexus or Chase Bank or as a cheerleader on ESPN. She’s 97-year-old Mae Laborde and she’s one of the hottest properties in Hollywood today.

No, it’s not unusual to be nearing 100-years-old and be popular in Hollywood. Bob Hope, George Burns and Gloria Stuart are just a few who can lay claim to that. But what makes Mae more than just a little special is she’s only been acting for four years — she didn’t get her Screen Actor’s Guild card until she was 93!

Thank you Mae for proving once again it’s never too late to live your dream!

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7 thoughts on “It’s Never Too Late Part 5”

  1. Your last sentence has a “you” which should be “your” on the first page above….I know your real excited to find this out…..Jerry. The article is interesting and should be motivating as I now have hope! Ha!

  2. I thoroughly enjoy inspirational articles like this one. It is nice to know that something good is happening in Hollywood! Thanks for the great post, Vic. try to post uplifting and/or informative things on my blog.

  3. Its good to see some body appreciates the SAG members that stand out no matter what age. I too am a late bloomer and I really appreciate this story.


  4. Well, I am not that old yet, but I find this to be a wonderfull message of the power within all of us.

    Vic I am in the Think and Grow Rich class and things are on the move for me just like you said.

    Thanks to Mae for her great positive attitude.

    Happy Easter

  5. She has given me hope and inspiration to never give up on my dreams no matter how old your are.

    Thanks,Thanks and more Thanks

  6. Great stuff again Vic – I think the whole attitude to age thing is hugely relevant to all of us. As I approach forty in two weeks with a sense of doubt and doom I know I’ll be looking back at fifty and thinking “What was I thinking of? I was so young then!”

    Starting to act at 93 is magnificent. Brilliant story

    John Richardson

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