8 thoughts on “It’s Never Too Late Part 4”

  1. Yes I agree! Everyone should do it! It is an experience that you will never forget and is a touchstone in your life. My son didn’t believe me until he jumped on his 19th birthday…then he knew what I was talking about! … and get the video! You will wear it out watching and reliving your experience.

  2. My birthday is just around the corner (two weeks away) and I plan to travel and visit some locations I only saw in photos, I believe I should do it now for some kind of renewal and re-dedication to achieving my most heartfelt dreams. Thanks Anne, Doris and you too Vic Johnson.

  3. Anne, You really are an inspiration. I can see by the videos before the jump that you are a healthy and lively person, and I believe that’s the way we should all be. I kind of worry about our youth and their reckless health habits. If they see what you can do and your outlook at 80, they may take heed to be like that, too.
    I, too, wanted to jump out of a plane on my 71st birthday last year, but my scardy-cat doctors said I shouldn’t (a little osteo, you know). However, watching your video and such fun and more importantly, such a soft landing, I don’t think I’ll break any bones. So I have a plan, that I’ll do it secretly on my 75th and have copies of the video made and give them out to all the scardy cats I know.
    Thanks so myuch for being you!
    I hope I will also have the presence of mind to play like I’m flying like you did while I’m way up in the air. I love it!

  4. That was Awesome! If at 80yrs. she believed she could, and she did! Then I ‘ve a world of dreams in front of me just waiting to be lived out.

  5. Dear Anne, Thank you for the inspiration! It’s just what I need as I prepare to give a concert for my 52nd birthday, featuring my original music and other fun performance art, both solo and with others to help me. Hey! my middle name is Ann! Love, Aletha

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