Mountain or molehill?

Grand TetonsGazing upon the beauty of majestic mountains lifts my spirits like no other experience. I am always awestruck by their immenseness. I just returned from some R&R in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and very few mountains can compare to the Grand Tetons, which rise to almost 14,000 feet. They are simply stunning!

On my flight home I was reading a story about Greg Olsen, the American who paid the Russians $20 million to ride along on a space flight. The thought occurred to me that Olsen may have seen the Grand Tetons on his trip, so I went to the NASA website and Grand Tetons from Spacefound a picture of my favorite mountains taken from space. While it was an impressive picture, this view doesn’t make them seem almost insurmountable like a ground view does.

And so it is with most of the mountains in our path. From one perspective they may seem overwhelming, but taking the time to see them from another perspective will show us that they really aren’t that big after all. It’s true what your grandmother told you — don’t make a mountain out of a molehill — which, coincidentally, is what my Grand Tetons sort of resemble when viewed from space. 🙂

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