To thine own self be true

I recently saw one of the top ranked high school football recruits in the country being interviewed. When the reporter asked him what his favorite movie was he responded with The Lion King (it’s also one of my favorites 🙂 ). The reporter couldn’t believe his answer and mockingly asked him what he saw in this “child’s movie.”

The recruit quickly replied with all of the life lessons he thought the movie portrayed, including being a good example of goal setting. After hearing the recruit’s thorough and passionate explanation, the reporter quickly changed the subject.

The moral of the story is that regardless of who you are, and regardless of what you’re aiming to achieve, there’s always going to be scoffers in your life. What’s important is that you stick to what you believe in, no matter what others may think. As William Shakespeare wrote, “to thine own self be true.”

And as the young man said to the surprised reporter, “Hakuna Matata!”