The one-legged footballer

Neil Parry arrived at San Jose State University as a non-scholarship football player in 1999. He was a reserve safety and on special teams as a freshman. His life changed on October 14, 2000 when he suffered a compound fracture of his right leg. Nine days later the leg was amputated nine centimeters below his knee. ”

For many people that would be the end of the story, but not so for Neil…

“Thirty-five months and 25 surgeries later, Parry returned to college football as a special teams player for the Spartans. He went on to play in the final eight games of the 2003 season. Parry concluded his football career in the 2004 East-West Shrine Game.”

Proving once again, it’s not what happens to us that counts, it’s how we respond.

Story reported by San Jose State University Athletics

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  1. Neil Parry, If you read this please respond:
    Well I am currently a sophmore in High School. I attend United High School in Laredo, Texas. Well I always been a good football player and athlete. I played all sports and always succeeded in them. I started 12 games on the varsity level as a defensive back. I was my first time playing defense. I was always quarterback or running back. As the season progressed, so did my game. I was getting better and better. Our football team was built up. We never won a playoff game until this year. In the 2nd round, we played Los Fresnos and well i was having a good game with 2 batted passes and an interception. I always sucked everything up. Coaches called me the toughest guy on the team. In the 3rd quarter, i was blocking for the punt when one of my own players ran into my leg. I broke both of the bones in my leg. The pain was unbelieveable. I almost overdosed on morphine in the abulance. Well I required surgery the next morning. I have a metal rod in my leg. Im recoving well but i still cant move my foot much but its improving. Its been 4 months and im still not able to jog yet, but im getting there. I want you to know that you are truly and inspiration to me. I hope to one day accomplish at least half of what you have. I think many times that ill never be the same and want to give up, but when i think of you, you inspire me. I know its going to take time, its hard for me to realize. You are my hero. You definitly have the biggest heart in the world. I hope one day i can come back to play quarterback like i was planned to. I havent accomplished much yet, but thank you for keeping hope in my heart. I hope you read this. You give me help me believe in myself. -Cesar “sayzar” Salinas #7

  2. I love this story! More people with an illness or disability need to know that you can make the best out of the worst with support of family, friends and the God above. Thanks for the inspiration!


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