Missive to a Mother

My friend Kyle Wilson, who is President of Jim Rohn International, wrote this several years ago for his mother’s 80th birthday. As we prepare to celebrate Mother’s Day, I think it’s a great testimonial to mothers worldwide.

“In honor of Mother’s Day I would like to share with you a letter that I wrote and read to my mother at her 80th birthday celebration (two summers ago). It speaks both of the legacy she has been able to create and provide her family and community as well as the impact her legacy has had on my life and my family.

A Letter to My Mom on Her 80th Birthday

Obviously I could talk today about many different areas that my mom has excelled in over the years and made a positive difference in other people’s lives. Whether it’s been her ministry, her catering business, her creative touch or her friendships, all of which she has exemplified the principle of being faithful over what you have and letting God then promote you. It seems that consistently her gift has always made room for itself and propelled her into a big place.

But more important to me than any of that, is the legacy she has been able to leave me and my family. Almost on a daily basis I’m reminded of how blessed I am and have been. I have a wonderful wife and two wonderful kids. We are all healthy and blessed. I have really never known tragedy in my life. I live in America and am blessed by all the freedom and richness that it represents. I drive on roads I didn’t build, have daily conveniences I never invented and enjoy freedoms I was never asked to fight for. And as incredible as that is to me, equally as important, I was given an upbringing by my parents that has made me very blessed indeed.

First and foremost I was given the gift of faith. I was raised in a house and environment where my parents in both word and deed made sure God was first in our home. I always had an example of my mom giving her time to the church and love towards its people – from the perceived least to the greatest, she always was an example of giving to her faith.

I was given the gift of respecting other people. I don’t recall my parents ever exemplifying or showing prejudice towards others. I know they grew up in a different generation where prejudice was more common, but that was not anything I ever saw.

I was given the gift of a strong work ethic. Laziness was never part of the scenery in my childhood. My mom worked two jobs – her day job at the bank and her night and weekend job – raising 4 kids. Only a parent with kids can fully appreciate the sacrifice and persistence that that required.

I was given the gift of persistence and ingenuity. My mom has always found a way to just get it done, and usually her in way and with her style. She’s never been a clone. Her persistence, creativeness and ingenuity have always been a great example to me of life’s infinite possibilities.

And I was given the gift of love. I’ve met people who have not felt loved by God or loveable by man. I can honestly say that I have always known I’m loved by God and have never once doubted my parents’ love for me. Our home was a safe environment to be who you are and to be accepted as you are.

Mother, beyond just my love and appreciation for you, I want to thank you again today, on your 80th birthday for your gifts and legacy to me.

Your son,

Kyle Wilson is co-founder and President of Jim Rohn International. Kyle has promoted hundreds of seminar events over the past 14 years and has worked with many of the world’s top speakers and authors including Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, Denis Waitley, Mark Victor Hansen, Og Mandino, Les Brown and Harvey MacKay.

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