Prepare to win

“You can always tell when you haven’t done enough, but you can’t ever tell when you’ve done too much.” – Charley Pell

Charley Pell was a pretty good football coach and he intrinsically knew the value of preparation. I can assure you that upon reaching a major goal you will never be able to identify the extra effort that wasn’t necessary to be successful. On the other hand, failing to reach a goal you will be flooded with tens, if not hundreds, of things you could have done that would have made a difference. Moral of the story? Give all you are capable of giving and even if you are not successful on this attempt, you’ll be extremely happy with the new growth that always occurs when you stretch yourself.

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  1. coach charley pell was always preaching about being prepared. i often heard this from him and his words still register with me today. pell would prepare for things even when absolutely no more preparation was needed. he was organized, thorough, and always paid attention to every detail. i am exactly like him. he influenced my life in a way whereas i find work even when i’ve dotted every i and crosssed every t. i am obsessed with being prepared. therefore, when the next day arrives, i am ready and waiting. pell was also a perfectionist with a game plan of life. i’m the same way !!!!!

  2. thank you for quoting one of my favorite people, charley pell. he often spoke to me about the art of being prepared. pell told me that if you outwork the other guy, then WINNING would take care of itself. since his passing, i find myself constantly recollecting many of the things that PELL exclaimed to me. i appreciate the opportunity to reflect on my comrade CHARLES BYRON PELL. remember this statement: if WINNING were not important, then why do we keep score…………

  3. rest assured, my good friend charley pell WON far more battles than he lost. you want to talk about being prepared for life’s biggest battle…..pell planned out his own funeral: what day it would be on, what time it would take place, what color/kind of casket, who would speak on his behalf, what church and funeral home would be responsible, what kind/color of flower the pallbearers would wear, what instrumental/christian music would be played, who would collect the monetary gifts given to the family, who would sit in the first row of seats, etc. etc. You all get my drift. Pell was a stickler for every detail imaginable. That is why he won far more battles than he lost…………………….preparation was the key !!!

  4. Having read the quote and explaination and through the responses, I can say that I experienced his drive for perfection and preparation to a degree that far superceedes any of his players, coaches or friends. It is my deepest regret that I spent most of my life trying to rebel against his cause and figure it out my own way. Life threw me many curveballs and he gave me all the tools to hit them out of the park. However, I chose on more occasions than not to ignore his teachings and do it my way — another thing he taught me!
    Ironically, when I did put my blinders on and take heed to his mentoring, there was nothing in the world that I could not or did not accomplish – at least if I did not come out victorious on the board, I could hold my head high and be proud of the effort!
    From his son.
    Carrick Pell

  5. I will never forget the influence that Charley Pell had on my oldest son’s life. My boy, Danny Jack, learned the art of being prepared and loyal to those around you from Pell. Pell’s presence is still felt today by my son’s actions. He is a workaholic who hardly ever sleeps because he is too busy getting ready to compete against anyone who comes across his path. He exclaims to me that he got his work ethic, full speed ahead, get after it mode from Pell and not his own father. My son is a highly successful business owner in Jacksonville, Florida who attributes most of his success to the life patterns that he learned from the late Charley Pell.

  6. I can never forget the late charlie pell and how he treated me. I was a squad walkon player at florida but pell and his staff respected and treated me as a scholarship player. He was like a father figure to me and many of the other guys. It was pells way or the highway. GIVEM HELL CHARLEY PELL !!!

  7. I was born in France but I was raised in Florida,United States. My Father, Jean Pierre Gant, liked American football. He particularly liked College Football. Charley Pell was his favorite coach because at that time he coached the Gators. He enjoyed watching his show that aired on Sundays after the game.
    He would make his friends laugh because he would imitate Coach’s southern
    expressions along with dad’s french accent. Even though Papa has left us several years ago, those memories will never fade. Vive la Pell!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. As i was watching our beloved GATORS dismantle charleston southern on TV last nite,i could not help but recall Charley Pell’s efforts in helping bring GATOR FOOTBALL to the level where it currently is today. I went to a many of PEll’s closed football practices in Gainesville where he would chastize players for being ON TIME. He often told his young men that CHARLEY PELL TIME means you are at least 5 minutes early to every practice or team meeting. If you ever made it to squad meetings, the announced time,Coach Pell considered YOU a LATE ARRIVAL and you would pay for it by running xtra early in the morning. I learned so much from this man—–discipline,loyalty,manners,and being held accountable(responsibility). I could tell YOU many,many true stories about Pell’s passion for FLORIDA FOOTBALL. I will leave you with this one: Lee Mcgriff was an assistant coach on Pell’s staff. One morning at 3am,Pell called Mcgriff at a hotel room and woke him up and said: Coach mcgriff,what are you doing to help get us some recruits on board from the miami area…..mcgriff exclaimed to pell that he had a long day recruiting and was trying to get some shut eye before the morning arrived…..Pell told him that SUCCESS NEVER SLEEPS…GO GATORS!

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