Lesson learned from a fishing guide

I don’t fish nearly as often as I’d like to. Not nearly enough to develop real proficiency at casting a rod and reel. Today was like most of my fishing days — my early casts were most likely to be bad casts until I remembered “the hang of it.” After awhile I let my frustration get to me and I let forth with a couple of choice words, accomplishing nothing but maybe for the release of a little steam and scaring the fish (and my guests).

On the other hand, I noticed how our fishing guide handled his occasional bad cast (and he did have some—anyone who casts a lot is going to have some bad ones). He’d simply reel the line in without any emotion and he’d cast again. Comparing his reaction to mine, I realized our guide was a very wise guy. Firstly, he realized that the bad casts don’t really count in the whole scheme of things. You’re going to have good casts and you’re going to have bad casts. Simply forget the bad ones and move on to the good ones — that’s how you catch fish. And secondly, he realized the most important requirement for catching fish is having your bait in the water, which is impossible to do if you’re fuming and fumbling around worrying about your last bad cast.

Had a bad cast lately? Are you ready to cast again and get your bait back in the water?