One thought on “Success isn’t being on top”

  1. I live this truth abundantly.
    I have heard and heard how divorce scares and twists the lives of those who undergo its painful destruction.
    I have heard how whatever you lived as a child you must repeat in adult life with little variance.
    I have heard that unless you are already among the ‘right people’ there will never be a chance.
    I have heard many things from the ‘theys’ Never seeing or knowing who they are. You know they say…
    But this is what I know.
    I have been through all of these things. I do not live the outcomes that the ‘theys’ said I would. I give due respect to the heart felt pain that can come from these previeously stated experiences. I do know that I have never faced anything in my life that has not strengthened me, or opened new doors for me, IF I met it with the right attitude. And not just attitude, but a decision to be and do something different.
    I didn’t know what was possible, but I knew what I didn’t want. I didn’t want what ‘they’ had for me. If that was all ‘they’ had to offer I would offer myself something else.
    I continue to bounce high. I look for “setbacks” and challenges, were as before I only wanted achievement without these price tags. I achieve more because I am willing to be who I am now, and improve as I go.
    It takes just as much effort to live the life you do not enjoy, as it does the life you would like to have.

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