Count your blessings

“The poor man only descends into wretchedness when he regards his lot as a burden unjustly imposed.” — As A Man Thinketh

My friend, Steve Siebold, says that the fastest way to move from a “middle-class consciousness” to a “world-class consciousness” is through the use of the power of gratitude.

Now most of us have heard our entire lives about how important it is to “count your blessings.” I certainly have. But for most of my life I did just the opposite — I focused on the lack in my life. I know it won’t surprise you if I tell you that the more I focused on what I didn’t have, the more of the same was attracted into my life.

After I began to study the principles of James Allen, Napoleon Hill and the other great classic writers, I adopted a habit of opening and closing each day with a “gratitude period.” That period may last for just a few minutes and it has even lasted for hours. But the effect in my life has been extraordinary.

Back when I never expressed thankfulness for anything I had, I would pray fervently to my Creator, asking for all the things I thought I needed. At one point there was such great (perceived) lack in my life that we were evicted from our home and I lost the only automobile I had left.

Now that I try to focus on all of the things that I am thankful for, I NEVER pray for anything for myself (I still ask for blessings for others). Yet today, I enjoy incredible abundance and harmony in my life, and it seems to be growing at an increasing rate.

Orison Swett Marden, writing in the 100-year-old classic, How to Get What You Want said, “People who take life sadly, who see nothing “to rejoice and be glad” about, not only lose a tremendous amount of pleasure and real enjoyment, but they seriously cripple their ability and impair their success. They are not normal, and, therefore, can not reach their maximum of strength and efficiency.”

And that’s worth thinking about.