The Power of Gratitude

November 24th, 2010

We give thanks for the power of gratitudeAccording to Maia Szalavitz, writing for MSN Health & Fitness, “If you sleep like a log, you probably have an attitude of gratitude. A study of 161 people published in the Journal of Psychosomatic Research found that those who focus on what they have—not what they lack—fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly. Grateful people are also less tired and more functional during the day.

“Why would being grateful affect your sleep? The researchers found that this was related to the thoughts people had as they drifted off. Being thankful led to faster, deeper sleep.

“People who are feeling more grateful are less tense and anxious, because the two are incompatible,” says Norah Vincent Ph.D. “A mental state like that at bedtime would be helpful for your sleep.”

And gratitude does a lot more for you than just helping you get a good night’s sleep. Study after study has confirmed that people who practice an attitude of gratitude are likely to live longer, are happier people and enjoy better health.

While Thanksgiving is a time when we pause to give thanks, it should really be a daily (and even hourly) practice. It’s probably the single biggest thing I’ve ever done to create constant happiness in my life.

This Thanksgiving we again give thanks for all we’ve been blessed with, especially for all of our great subscribers around the world. Here’s a special message, “The Power of Gratitude,” featuring our friend Jeff Keller. The link is only temporary so download it as soon as possible — and listen to it now!

Happy Thanksgiving!


This message is part of Jeff’s outstanding Attitude is Everything program.

Why not leave your thoughts of what you are grateful for by clicking the comments button below. Putting your gratefulness in writing is even more powerful!!

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Terry Fox: The Persistence of a Winner

September 29th, 2010

I’d heard the Terry Fox story before. The young Canadian lost a leg to cancer and then decided he was going to run across the country on his other leg to raise money for cancer research. An amazing story.

But I happened to catch an special the other night and I sat there mesmerized by the strength, tenacity and grittiness of this incredible hero.

Watch this video and if  you can, tune into ESPN when it’s scheduled to run again. It’ll make your challenges look a lot smaller and it’ll make your determination a lot bigger!

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Your Words Have Power

July 29th, 2010

Seven or eight months ago I got an extremely thoughtful message from my old friend Jim Donovan. It’s one of those messages you keep in your inbox because you know you want to read it again in the future. He’s given me permission to share it here with you so you can be touched by it too…

Let’s examine our self-talk more closely. Throughout the day, during every waking hour, we are carrying on a running dialogue with ourselves. We are constantly thinking, or more accurately, talking to ourselves in every waking moment.

Hundreds of words per minute pass through our conscious minds as we go about our day. Unfortunately, for one reason or another, most people’s self-talk is negative. This is probably due to the number of negative messages we heard as we were growing up and continue to hear today.

These came from other, perhaps well intentioned, people or individuals who were themselves living in a negative reality. Much of it is from a steady stream of negativity bombarding us from television, radio, newspapers and magazines.

Situation comedies, for the most part, belittle people in the name of humor and many game and reality shows place people in embarrassing situations further undermining their self-image.

A while back, I was sitting outside a local restaurant writing while enjoying a quiet lunch. It was a beautiful day and the restaurant provided me with a view of the Delaware River, near where I live. Access to scenes like this is one of the many reasons I feel so blessed to be living the life that I am living and further proof, to me, of the power of creating a compelling vision for your life.

Where we live is the result of my wife and I becoming clear as to exactly what we wanted in our life, setting specific goals, visualizing our dream life as already complete, and taking regular action. I don’t just write about these principles, I live them daily and have for over two decades. And I’ve seen magnificent changes in my life as a result. Remember, we ask, God answers.

As I was sitting there totally enjoying the scenery, two women walked passed me on their way out of the restaurant, having finished their lunch. The women looked to be in their late 40’s or early 50’s although I avoid ever guessing women’s ages for obvious reasons.

As they passed, I overheard one of the women say, “When I was young . . .” Those words hit me like a lighting bolt, especially since I was working on my new book at the time.

What a disempowering choice of words. Your words have power, so choose them carefully. While you and I know that she meant no harm by her choice of that particular phrase, her mind took it in. What do you suppose the message to her subconscious mind was? Obviously, I’m not young any longer. I must be old!

A phrase that would have conveyed the same message but would have been more empowering would have been to say, “When I was younger . . .”

Without even realizing it, you’re programming your mind with disempowering, less than ideal, messages. Keep in mind that your subconscious believes everything that you tell it.

Think about the phrases that you use regularly to describe yourself or how you feel and make sure that they are sending a positive message to your subconscious mind. Avoid any phrase that is negative or dis-empowering.

As a matter of fact, by amplifying positive words like saying “great or terrific” instead of just “good or fine,” and minimizing negative ones, you can actually improve the way you feel.

Years ago, when I had the pleasure of meeting and briefly speaking with success legend, Zig Ziglar, I remember his reply to my question, “How are you?” Zig’s answer, “Better than great.”

What are you saying to yourself?

Jim Donovan is the author of several personal developments book and audio programs, including, Don’t Let An Old Person Move Into Your Body. For a complimentary copy of his “Yes You Can” audio, visit

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Motivation for Goal Setting

June 16th, 2010

I know half the world is just beginning Summer, and it’s a big temptation to take a bit of a break until September.

But the cold hard facts are that in just a few weeks we’re going to be at the halfway point in 2010. If you expect anything to change in your life THIS YEAR, you’ve got just about six months to do it.

Now understand this, that’s plenty of time IF you’re using the “secret” ingredient of every successful person I know.

This video will help you discover and use that ingredient.

After you’ve watched the video I’d appreciate it if you’d leave your comments below. And if it’s helpful to you, please Share It with a friend (or your teammates).


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Youngest Coach Shares Oldest Wisdom

April 6th, 2010

Brad Stevens Butler University CoachBrad Stevens coached his little-known Butler University team about as close to victory as you can possibly get without winning.  In one of the best NCAA College Basketball Championships ever played, Duke (whose annual basketball budget is 7 times Butler’s) managed to squeak by Butler University with a mere two point lead.  And that lead was in doubt until the final seconds.

As Wikipedia notes, Stevens joined Butler basketball program as a volunteer prior to the 2000–01 season after quitting his job at Eli Lilly. In 2010, his third year as head coach, Stevens broke the NCAA record for most wins in a coach’s first three years, exceeding the previous record by eight. At 33 years old, Stevens became the second–youngest head coach to coach in the NCAA National Championship game, losing 61-59 to Duke.

And what did the youngest coach have to say to his players just before they hit the floor on Monday night? “if you do these things” (the game strategies he had laid out) you’ll not only attract that which you want, you’ll attract that which you are.”

Great wisdom repeated by a great young coach.  And that wisdom applies to YOU too!

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