The Fourth Quarter is The Only One That Counts

In just a few days we’ll be entering the fourth quarter of the year and many of us have lost focus on the goals we set during January.

It’s always hard to keep your eye on the ball for the entire year, but this year has been even more challenging than most for many people.

Well there’s still hope. In fact, the 90 days we have in the fourth quarter (beginning October 1) is more than enough time to achieve some pretty incredible results. Stop and think about it:

90 days is usually plenty of time to see a significant result from a weight loss plan. Most businesses are launched during a 90-day period and many, many books are written in 90 days. In fact, Napoleon Hill wrote the classic Think and Grow Rich in under 90 days.

Our four seasons are 90 days apart. You can go from the harshest of Winter to the overflowing, abundant life of Spring in just 90 days. Most of our agricultural crops have a 90-day growing period. From seed to harvest in 90 days. It works with plants…and it works with dreams and goals.

Does that give you some hope that you might have a shot at turning this year around in the next few months?

Watch this video and get some tips on how you can do that. And please leave your comments below after you’ve watched the video  🙂