Jim Rohn: He Taught Us How To Live

Our friend, mentor and inspiration to millions, Jim Rohn, graduated from this life on Saturday.

My great friend, Bill Rosselle, introduced me to Jim in the 1990’s through a tape set that he loaned me. Needless to say, my life hasn’t been the same since.

Like so many, it was Jim’s simple wisdom that always spoke to me so strongly. And having had the privilege to spend some time with Jim personally, it was the kind of wisdom he lived. Unlike so many of the so-called heroes of today, this hero — an icon of the grandest sort — walked his talk.

I once calculated the time he would have to spend to travel, prepare and speak to the more than 6,000 audiences and 4 million hungry souls worldwide that he reached; and I concluded that he literally gave his adult life to help others find that “day that turns your life around.”

I was almost 50 years old by the time I met Jim, but he’s one of those kind of people that you feel like you’ve known your whole life. Nothing apparently pretentious about him. No need to impress. It was some of the highest points of my life when we spoke together at our Claim Your Power Now event in Dallas and he appeared again at our Claim Your Power Now event in Atlanta.

But I will always cherish above those, the interview I got to do with him for our Goals 2 Go TV show. We recorded it on the first day (I think it was the second show I did that day) and I was fighting a major cold, nervous and excited all at the same time. But he was Jim. Acting like the guy who had spoken to 6,000 audiences, it was just another day at the shop to him. And that, along with his quiet encouragement, put me at ease.

I want to share that interview with you below, in the hopes you will get as much from watching it as I got from doing it. And if you wish, please leave your comments about Jim below (and please feel free to DIGG this and otherwise pass it along to others starving for this kind of message).

I have no doubt that as Jim was greeted upon arrival at his next stop, you could hear the praise ring out, “Well done, good and faithful servant!”

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