Time to Think Big!

Think Big MagazineEconomic crisis have you frozen with fear and anxiety about the future? Now is no time to sit on your hands and pine for the good old days. Now is the time to Think Big! There’s a great Australian magazine (with print and online versions) that will help you do that. This month features a cover story on Bob Proctor and yours truly also has an article in the current issue. It’s also got a Recession Busting Guide as well as articles by Kim Kiyosaki, Loral Langemeier and Chris Howard to name a few. Get a free online subscription here….

More Success in 2009

Success Magazine Article by Vic JohnsonThe beginning of another year is less than three weeks away. Looking for some ways to “unleash your power” in 2009? The January issue of Success Magazine has a cover story on Tony Robbins, four successful entrepreneurs talking about their big, hairy, audacious goals for 2009, and a feature article by yours truly. Check out the online issue here and then get treat yourself to a subscription for the New Year. The free CD and DVD every month are more than worth it.