In My Own Mind

I recently saw Lyle Lovett perform on Austin City Limits and one of his songs captured me so much I went to Amazon and ordered the entire CD.

The title of the song is “In My Own Mind” and some of the lyrics are:

“I live in my own mind
Ain’t nothing but a good time
No rain, just sunshine
Out here in my own mind.”

While the song has some traditional country music themes and lyrics (Randy and Danny Ray are hooked on fishing and hunting 🙂 ), I was most struck by the chorus above. Very few things have I ever seen or heard that reflect the truth more than those words.

When we fully realize that the only way we ever really know the world is through our own thoughts and feelings — “in my own mind” — we determine the quality of life we live. If there’s “no rain, just sunshine” in our mind, that’s exactly how we see the world and the circumstances we encounter. Just as one person sees failure and another person sees opportunity in the exact same circumstance.

Of course, James Allen turned the Proverb writer’s words into a book — “as a man thinketh in his heart so is he,” and Earl Nightingale taught us that “you become what you think about.” But I kinda like the way the rural poet Lovett reminds me: “I live in my own mind, ain’t nothing but a good time.”

(Listen to a short clip here)